Will Writing & Inheritance Planning

Need to protect your children by writing a will? We do all the work: we make it quick; easy and painless.

Protect your children by writing your will.


Ensure your children inherit your home and other assets.

Spell out how your children would be brought up.

Making a Will

Will writing takes account of your personal, business and financial situation. It benefits those you love and minimises the administrative stress and potential for conflict after your death.

Avoiding Care Home Fees

Paying for care in your old age can diminish a lifetime’s worth of hard work, thrift and saving. If it is judged that you have the means to pay for your own care home fees, then you will be required to do so, even if it means selling your family home to do it.

Avoiding Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax or ‘death duty’ can reduce the inheritance that your beneficiaries receive by more than 50% in certain instances. Intelligent estate planning and making a legally valid will can avoid or reduce inheritance tax, and protect your assets for future generations.

Getting Power of Attorney

A lasting power of attorney (LPA) is a stand-alone legal document that states who can make decisions and act on your behalf. It clearly states what type of decisions the appointed person, or people, can make and under what conditions.

Trusts – Asset Protection

Trusts are tools for:

  • protecting your assets
  • keeping your wealth in the hands of those you love and
  • taking care of those who depend on you after your death

Obtaining Probate

Whenever anyone dies, another person needs to be given the legal right to deal with their financial affairs. Probate is the process of applying for this right. Getting probate can add to the stress you are experiencing at an already difficult time.