Information: The Perfect Will for You

Information, not secrets

The Huguenot obstetrician, William Chamberlen  and his two sons Peter fled to England .

By the 17th century, they had built a thriving practice by delivering babies with the lowest mortality rates in their profession. We should be thankful. Childbirth was a hazardous enterprise. The chances of maternal death then were 1,050: 100,00. They had a secret – and guarded it zealously. A medical student looked into their delivery room though a skylight. The spy saw the forceps they had invented. Today, the rate of maternal mortality is 8.2:100,000.

Their secret was out. The secret was out to the benefit of all obstetricians and their patients. Today, obstetricians don’t keep their discoveries secret. They publish them.

Guidance, Not Secrets

My work is no secret, it forms a body of knowledge everyone I’ve encountered has found useful. Therefore, I’ve written a book. Maximum Inheritance: The Easy Way To Write The Will That’s Perfect For You.

When someone passes away, the survivors, at what is already a difficult time would benefit from the deceased’s affairs being in the best order possible. It’s your responsibility and mine, to put our affairs in the best order possible.

Will Writing Guide

Maximum Inheritance

Simply, we should all be aware of their rights, obligations and responsibilities  at perhaps this, the illustration and manifestation of human relationships.

Many legal practitioners, solicitors and will drafters want your money before telling you anything. Such thinking does no one any good. You would only know what to do if you were informed of your rights and obligations. As my client Susan Pullinger so succinctly put it: ‘I don’t know what I don’t know’.

I give to you: a copy of the book Maximum Inheritance. Free. It’s a book. An old fashioned book – printed of ink on paper: Maximum Inheritance: The Easy Way To Write The Will That’s Perfect For You.

Simply go to, tell me  your name and address, and I’ll send you a copy of the book .

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