Inheritance Tax

Are you sick at the thought of your family losing a chunk of your assets to pay inheritance tax?
We help ensure your family get as much of your assets as possible. We’ll help reduce and when possible eliminate your inheritance tax liability.


You’ve possibly heard of ‘gifting’; ‘the 7 year rule’; ‘the 10% threshold’ and several other wheezes and schemes. Question: how do they relate to you?

What We Won’t Do

We have never, and would not:

  • recommend or advise methods, schemes or plans not explicitly approved by law
  • attempt to fool, trick or steal from the tax authorities


What you get

We help you determine your potential liability to inheritance tax. We use the ‘tax breaks’ to which you’re entitled. It is sensible to render on to Caesar what is Caesar’s we would ensure you pay no inheritance tax. We work within the rules, but we use the rules to your advantage.

We find out whom you want to inherit your assets. We discuss what is important to you and devise a plan that would make you happy – a plan that would meet your objectives.


A clear, simple and straightforward plan. A plan so clear, an eight year old would understand it.

We start with:

  • An open mind,
  • A blank sheet of paper and
  • The belief that you want your family, not HM Treasury to get the benefit of your life’s work


The Result

Certainty that your family would inherit your home and other assets – and not have to get rid of a chunk of it to pay inheritance tax.