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Different clients have different reasons for choosing us, what would yours be?

  • Protect Your Family Inheritance
  • Protect Disabled Beneficiaries
  • Set up their family for generations

Protecting your family’s inheritance

  • Worried about who would inherit your assets?
  • Perhaps you never thought it was an issue – specify who benefits.
  • Ensure unmarried partners are taken care of.
  • Be confident children from previous relationships or step children are treated fairly.
  • Bespoke documents crafted for you to guarantee clarity of your intentions.
  • Making a will brings security; reassurance and peace of mind not just to you, but also those who depend on you

Reduce Inheritance Tax & Probate Fees

  • Nimble footed planning would avoid inheritance tax.
  • Leave money in your family not to HM Treasury.
  • Free your relatives of the hassle of the formality of sorting out your financial affairs on your death
  • Ensure beneficiaries don’t inadvertently pay IHT.

Leaving your wealth to your loved ones is a wonderful gift, but do you want to leave them a tangle of paperwork as well?  By reducing the hassle of sorting out your estate, your gift becomes even more valuable.

Evolve a simple but 100% effective strategy to inheritance planning.  We provide a complete service that makes inheritance planning straightforward; affordable and painless.


Protect disabled  beneficiaries

  • Be confident that disabled children or other vulnerable beneficiaries are not exploited by hangers on and they retain eligibility to welfare benefits to which they would otherwise have been entitled.
  • Learn how to utilize these rare legislative provisions.
  • Start the process of protecting your assets from predators.

Writing a will ensures the fruit of your life’s work would remain in your family, not eaten up by care home fees, or stolen by the state. Help future generations of your kin fulfill their ambitions. Let us do the heavy lifting.

Will Writing

We visit you in the comfort of your own home and offer a no obligation free consultation. We visit clients anywhere between London and Brighton, so if you live in London, Surrey or Sussex then please call us to find out how you can protect your loved ones.