Alison Jones

My thanks for this show go to: Karen Hancock, Celia Delaney & Jo Dodds

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And now, today’s guest. My guest today has something in common with me. She holds great store in written word. We like fine written word. Presented beautifully. She is a business book publisher Like me, she’s a podcast host, she’s fantastically good company. I am proud to present Alison Jones

If you’re going to commit to doing something every week, you’d better make sure you enjoy it.
Podcasting – a great way to meet people.
The joy of being able to decide not to move to London
Tools of your business – your book is one of them
The people you want to reach
Writing your book is an act of self-development
Your business development
Network developing
Sometimes, speed is not of the essence
Doing things in a way that achieves your goals
‘You kick my bum so nicely’
A permanence and heft which many can only get from paper
Showing up
The responsibility to one’s constituents If not now, when?
Talk to each other
Pretend the internet has never happened
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