Your Family & Your Will

Writing a will is the foundation of inheritance planning. Estate planning is in essence about two questions. The first is the people in your life and secondly the things in your life. We talk of which of the people in your life get the things in your life, and under what circumstances.
The rest is detail.
Ideally, you want a will writer local to you in Banstead.

They say ‘family is the most important thing’

I’ve helped over 15,000 families iron out the detail. You might have heard the saying ‘the most important thing is family’. Irrespective of your family structure, I’ll draft a document that secures the fruit of your life’s work for future generations of the your family. We’ll secure your estate for the people you care about.

Banstead Will Writing
Will Writing in Banstead

Two-Part Task

A will is the sure way to do two things: the first is positive, to make sure the right people inherit your estate. The second thing a will does is keeping out the inheritance tax people and other hangers on. The hangers on tend to show up after a death, just as a bruise follows a bad fall.

Your Expert

I’m the most seasoned and skilled will writing specialist in Banstead. More people recommend me to their friends and family than any of my colleagues because you want, need and deserve someone who is the best at what he does and can help you and those you care about.

My offer is simple: I’ll be happy to meet you in the comfort of your own home. The meeting is without cost or without obligation. When you’re happy with what we’ve discussed, we’ll write the will that’s perfect for achieving your aim of passing  your estate to your family. Wait, there’s more. If and when you decide you’d like me to work for you, the  service is a fixed fee service that comes with a money-back guarantee – you can ask for your money back, no questions asked. It’s a 365-day money back guarantee.