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Digital Assets After Death

All the assets on your computers, your tablets, the stuff you put on the internet, you social media stuff – what would like to happen to them?

Trust to Avoid Inheritance Tax

It’s all very well helping your children get on the property ladder: but the hurt of all pain would be to lose the gift through divorce proceedings or by the machinations of people who are looking to reap where they have not sown.

Homeownership & Care Fees

It would be illogical for many to give up their homes to pay for their care in old age… if only there was a way to avoid the evil of it…

Without an LPA, they Stole Her Mum

Roalind Figg’s mother didn’t have a lasting power of attorney, therefore, the local council, snatched the old lady. It happened in Coventry!

Same Sex Marriage & Your Will

Some call it same sex marriage. I call it marriage. See about making your will works the way you want. Marriage and all.

Business Exemption from IHT

Zaha Hadid.I’ll lay you odds: a penny to a pound. You’d never heard of Dame Zaha Hadid. We’ll see how Dame Zaha’s estate illustrates business exemption from IHT. Different Times Your memory is sufficiently vivid as to remember the games of the London Olympics. Perhaps because, by several criteria, our participation was a success. Great…

Dormant Assets?

Some think it a fine notion to take your money if you’d left it untouched in a bank or building society account for fifteen years.

RNRB – Scam, Sham, Sleight of Hand

You might have heard of talk of ‘increasing inheritance tax to a million’. You know it’s not true, you know it’s a lie, you know it’s sophistry of the most cynical sort…

Intestacy Rules Mean…

We should talk about what intestacy rules mean because there is a big hoo-ha every year. Every summer, you’ll hear it when you turn on the newspaper and when you open the television. Every year with the certainty with which the mushrooms follow the rain, there is a story in the popular press. The headlines…

Who to Inform when Someone Dies

An oft asked question at a time of great pain is: Who to inform when someone dies. I used to be tardy at sending Christmas cards. Some years, by the time I got round to it, it was already 21st December; too late to expect the cards to be delivered before Christmas day. But, the…