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Rules of Intestacy: ‘You Plonker!’

You plonker: the rules of intestacy are ugly. Most delightfully, Celia Delaney – keynote speaker, MC and comedian – was an early guest on The Whole Lot podcast. A few weeks later, I had the unbridled pleasure of talking to copywriter Helen Reynolds. Each in her own way remarked on the benefits of education. The gains accrue directly…

Do We Pay Capital Gains Tax?

We moved from our family home recently on our retirement. Our daughter has agreed to buy it from us. Will we have to pay tax on the sale of this house even though we lived in it for 20 years?

Testamentary Freedom… family provision

You can leave your estate to whom ever you wish. But there’s a right, and there’s a wrong way to do it. Let me show you the right way.

Missing Assets

There’s a simple way to ensure all assets in your name pass to your family… one must to one’s best to avoid ademptioon.

Worth More Dead Than Alive?

The only reason one could say that is if they were comparing income to assets. That’s not even comparing
apples to oranges; it’s like comparing apples to motor cars.

Codicils to a Will: The First Rule

The first rule of fight club? We don’t talk of fight club. The first rule of codicils is that we don’t talk of codicils.

The Wisdom DIY Will

  The DIY will, apparently saves cash.Now, anyone who is not lame or mute, can dance and sing. But you wouldn’t want to see me on The Voice or The X Factor. In much the same way, anyone of above average intelligence can write their own will. But should they? They’re chemists, they’re marketing folk…

Inheritance Tax, a Voluntary Tax

Many call inheritance tax a voluntary tax, we’ll do well to understand their logic.Polyglots assure me.There’s a lack of predictability to this language. They say as a matter of contrast, there are formulae to conjugations and usage in other languages. I must but accept their assurances. Notwithstanding, or perhaps because of this lack of rigidity,…

Lasting Power of Attorney FAQ

All you wanted to know about lasting powers of attorney, but haven’t yet got round to asking.

Multi-Generational Inheritance Tax Planning

By what ever circumstances, you come into an inheritance: before you take the cheque and run, your first thought should be ‘How do I save my family, several generations down the line, the burden of paying 40% tax on this gift for generations yet unborn?’