Like most, your home is the most valuable thing you’ve ever owned. It is the product and manifestation of your hard work – often sacrifice. However, home ownership, like most worthwhile concepts is never plain sailing. You’re therefore, like most folk, gutted your home might be sold to pay for care fees.
You might be old enough to remember Black Wednesday.

Care Home Fees
The Embodiment of Your Life’s Work

Where the Hurt is

The news bulletins on that infamous day, and the months and weeks after, informed us interest rates had irrupted to 15 per cent.
Black Wednesday caused several hundred heart attacks.
Black Wednesday caused several dozen deaths.
In the years and months after that Wednesday, there was a novel style of misery across the land – innocent folk in incredible distress posted their keys to their mortgage lenders.
Decent persons just like you and I lived in dread of the post because it could have been an eviction notice from the building society. Normal folk lived in fear of the knock on the door because it could have been the bailiff to evict them. Their dream of owning their own property thus turned to ashes.

The Intergenerational Pledge

Like every generation there’s was the implicit promise your children would be healthier and wealthier than you.
Alas, there’s a massacre unfolding all around us.  Our ability, to make good this pledge is being garrotted before our eyes.

More Thank Your House, It’s Your Home

Homeownership & Care Fees

Be you the first or fifth generation of your family to own your own home, either way, don’t wish it wasted. Homeownership and care fees shouldn’t be an ‘either or’ proposition.

What was the point of all that concomitant sacrifice to home ownership when at the end of it all, you’ve nowt to show for it?  What’s the point when your home, the tangible representation of your life’s work, is stolen from you?  What’s the point if your home, the seeds of home ownership for further generations of your kin thieved from you?

The Wickedness

The wickedness of all this is that if you’d never made the effort to own your own home, the state’d pay your care fees. As you’ve made your contribution to the state, you feel the state should pay the cost of your care from day one.

Paying For Care

There are three principal ways to pay for care:

  • Pay for your care either on a pay as you go basis or by means of an insurance-based product.
  • Expose yourself to the demand that your council ask you to pay for your care thus the risk of needing to sell your home.
  • Protect your home from sale by shielding it with the spirit and the letter of the current regulations.
A Professional You Can Trust

20,000 Homes Are Sold Every Year to Fund Care Fees

We: you and I, shall prevent your home from being sold to pay for care. We’ll do it painlessly and quickly.
My methods are thorough but clear and simple.
Of course, you and your family might choose to ‘top-up’ your care, which would be your choice.
You shouldn’t be forced to sell your home.
You’ve heard of ‘the 2-year rule’, ‘the 6-month rule’, ‘deprivation’. Phew.
I’ll guide you through the maze.
I’ll cut out all the nonsense.