Care Home Fees

Do you want to avoid your home – your greatest single asset being sold to pay care fees?

20,000 homes are sold every year to fund care
We shall prevent your home from being sold to pay for care. We do it painlessly and quickly. Our methods are thorough but clear and simple.
Our clients say ‘having worked hard all my life and paid taxes – at every step of the way, there’s something wrong, in fact wicked, in the risk of my home being sold to pay for care’. Do you agree with them?

What we shan’t do
We shall not do things that are not clearly approved by the relevant laws.
Of course, you and your family might choose to ‘top-up’ your care, that would be your choice. You shouldn’t be forced to sell your home.
You’ve probably heard of ‘the 2 year rule’, ‘the 6 month rule’, ‘deprivation’. Phew.
We’ll guide you through the maze.