Let's meet for a cup of tea!

You know I’m your friendly neighbourhood will writer and inheritance planner.

Let’s talk about writing your will and planning your inheritance – let’s talk about it as if it were serious.

Here’s a question for you: ‘How many times would you like your descendants to pay inheritance tax on the house in which you now live?’.
If your answer is: ‘Never, but at the very most once’, then I’m the man to write your will.

Every family is unique, therefore you want a will that’s unique to you, no off the peg nonsense.
You’re the expert in your family’s affairs – after all, every family is special in its own way, but I will bend my extensive experience to your situation.  I can see round corners, I can tell what possible problems there are, and prevent them.

I am a one-man band. I’m proud to be a one-man band. I’d always be a one-man band.

I start every will with a blank sheet of paper.
I’d write every will by hand.
I don’t use forms, tick boxes or templates.

Contact me to start the process of keeping your wealth in your family.