The Mathematics of DIY Will Writing

DIY will writing is attractive, mainly, because the arithmetic appears simple.

Cooks have a phrase : “mise en place” literally, but conceptually “preparation”.

In Will Writing, Preparation is Everything

If you’re planning on writing a DIY will you’ll need to get a decent guide on will writing, and you can get one or two of them from a bookseller’s – make sure that you are buying guides designed for your jurisdiction. Cost: £20

You’ll need to read the said will writing guides carefully. Depending on how fast you read it could take you, say, about 20 hours. Remember, we are not talking a novel here. Cost: £400
[I’m assuming you earn more than the statistically significant wage of £37,440]

Then consider the cost of insurance to cover the event that you get something wrong with the will – I know, you don’t plan to mess up your will writing exercise, so you don’t need the insurance … By the same token, you don’t plan to set your house on fire. See where I’m going with this?

And that’s just for starters

Before we’ve got out of the starting blocks, we’ve shelled out £20 cash, and we’ve potentially lost out on work while we spent 20 hours reading and properly understanding the books/magazines we bought on will writing.

DIY Will Writing – Mr & Mrs Average

Any guides would assume you were an average person – so if you are an average person, DIY will production might work for you. However, in over 20 years working as a financial and legal adviser, I’ve yet to meet any 2 people whose situations are identical, or even similar enough that I could use a template will.

Remember, at Maximum Inheritance we don’t undertake will writing on your behalf, or even produce any of the other documents, important though they are to inheritance planning. Of greater importance is the fact that we guide you through the whole process.

Will Writing for the Non Unicorns

I get the feeling you are anything but average, therefore it would pay to get advice on how to effect will writing that suits you rather than the average person. In that case, contact me.

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