The Chief Justice – Expert Will Writer?

Grandma’s Hands


‘Stick to your knitting’, ‘Be an expert [will writer]’, ‘ Don’t be a Jack of all trades…’. My grandmother like yours, had stock of them.  My grandmother was a master storyteller.

Her tales brought the prosaic to life. Parables were no dull monologues; they were the fount of excitement. She was never glib, had no spiel and she was of little reminiscence. She never told the same tale twice.
I didn’t quite inherit the gift of storytelling. It is a pity; I lack the gift of the gab. Therefore, I’ve only a brief, not even an anecdote, just a mere apologue.


Expert Will Writers

Consider the attributes and qualifications of the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court. America’s foremost lawyer.  Outstanding scholarship, mastery of the law, grasp of logic and ability to apply such logic to the matter at hand.  Alas not an expert will writer.


A Cheap Will

Warren Earl Burger [1907 -1995] was the 15th chief justice. He left a 1-page, 176-word will he’d draughted and typed himself.

His family paid $450,000 in estate taxes and fees. His estate was worth $1.8 million.

His family could have avoided the fees and much of the taxes if Mr. Burger, a master of the science of law consulted an expert will writer.

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