Updating Your Will

You might need to update your will simply because your circumstances have changed.
A word of comfort.

All Noise, and the Long Grass

I let the back and forth from the election pass. I didn’t want you to get whiplash from the constant changes to probate charges, inheritance tax and care fees. It was all smoke and fury signifying the use of a broom and a rug.

You might have heard talk of changes to inheritance tax and musings about trusts. Most such nonesense had been kicked into the long grass for… now.

There has been talk in the papers and writing on the internet about the need to amend your wills because of the changes to inheritance tax rules. That is a lie. A big fat lie. As a client of mine – who has followed my advice, there is nothing to do. That’s it. Nothing.

Updating your will.
Updating your will should be free of charge.

My Guarantee

I guarantee it.
I put my name to it.
I’ll keep you abreast of relevant changes. That’s my undertaking to you. It would be irresponsible of me to expect you to absorb and interpret the information and discard misinformation out there.
I mean, you wouldn’t have a dog and bark yourself.

So, if you’d done as we said – and done the little bit of homework on which we agreed, there’s nothing to do.
Be sure of it. You might have heard of the codicil, I’ve a passionate aversion for codicils because they are the fraudster’s charter. Codicils require so much effort, they require attention to the detail of the original will.

Because life’s not static. If we need to, I’ll change your will free of charge. That way you can always be sure your will would always be up to date.

I put my name to it. Updating your will is the easiest thing you could possibly do; it would set you back the price of a postage stamp.

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