Pre-Paid Funeral Plans – All the Info!

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Let’s talk about the pre-paid funeral plan.
What it is, and how it can solve some of the cashflow problems flowing from a death in the family.

A death in the family is one of life’s most challenging times.
Faced with the responsibility for funeral arrangement, many are uncertain where to turn for help. Trying to work out what you might have wanted for your funeral arrangements and struggling to pay for the funeral shouldn’t be things your loved ones have to worry about.

Paying for Your Funeral

Let’s see how we can lessen the financial and emotional burden of a death in the family.

A funeral, like everything else, has to be paid for.

There are several means of paying for a funeral, these include 50’s insurance policies, cash, and savings accounts.
The thing with those other ways of paying for your send-off is that they do not guarantee to cover the cost of the funeral.

Anyway, we know interest rates on savings accounts have been lower than a limbo dancer while funeral costs have been rising higher than a kite. With these low interest rates, anyone planning to pay for his or her funeral through savings would end up with a disappointed family.

Your family might have to sell your house to pay for the funeral, but, they’ll need to wait for the grant of probate before they can sell the house.

Benefits of a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

A funeral plan is a means of paying for your funeral at today’s prices so that when the time comes, your loved ones don’t experience the embarrassment of scrabbling round for cash to pay for your funeral.

A funeral plan puts you in charge of your funeral – the type, the scope, and the cost of the send-off you’ll get.

When you take out a funeral plan you can choose the standard of funeral you want. Your relatives won’t have to, worse upon worst, strip you of your dignity in death by being condemned to the indignity of a pauper’s funeral.
That kind of shame hangs about in the family for like a bad smell for year following year.

A funeral plan would reduce your liability for care fees, as it could not be taken into account when calculating your liability for care fees.

If there were any creditor claims against you, the funeral plan could not be taken away from you.

In short, the funeral plan is a means of guaranteeing your dignity.

Rising Funeral Costs

With a prepaid funeral plan, the cost you pay today is what your funeral would cost when the time comes. You’d thus be protecting your family against rising funeral costs. So, there’ll be nothing further for your family to pay.

What the Funeral Plan Doesn’t Cover

There are some costs the plans don’t cover.

A burial requires a plot of land.
The funeral plan doesn’t cover the cost of a burial plot, also, your family would have to pay for personal touches such as flowers and the reception.
This is because the costs of these are variable – I mean, now long is a piece of string.

What Does a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan Include?

Now, let’s come to the costs that are covered.

  • Funeral director’s fees and services including care and preparation of the deceased.
  • A high quality, coffin
  • A funeral hearse with bearers
  • 24-hour transfer of the deceased to the funeral home or chapel of rest
  • Organising the service at the crematorium/cemetery
  • Funeral procession from the deceased’s residence or funeral home to the crematorium or cemetery
  • Time of funeral agreed between the funeral director and family
  • Then there is a choice of number of limousines

A funeral plan covers the funeral director’s fees with £1,200 towards disbursements (third party costs).

The third-party costs are:

  • The cremation or interment fee  
  • The minister or celebrant’s fee
  • The doctor’s fee for arranging the first death certificate

Personalise Your Funeral Plan

You can personalise your plan to your heart’s content.

You can plan the detail of the ceremony, choose the music and readings, you
can change your mind on any of the details on the plan.
You can move house – the plan would move with you.

Which is the Best Pre-Paid Funeral Plan?

The Best Funeral Plan

SafeHands Funeral Plans

I’ve been recommending SafeHands funeral plans for nearly ten years, and Safehands pre-paid funeral plans are the only plans I thing sufficiently highly of to put my name to.

They also have an either-or plan.

The either-or plan works like this: Mrs Smith could buy a single plan with her husband Mr Smith, but mark it ‘either-or’. It can be used by either of them – another particularly attractive benefit is the transferability. You can transfer a plan to a friend or member of your family.

No medical or health questionnaire required. You’re guaranteed to be accepted as long as you’ve passed your 50th birthday.

You can pay for your funeral plan in one lump sum or by monthly instalments of up to 10 years.

That’s it, the pre-paid funeral plan guarantees the dignity of the deceased, and reduces the hassle borne by the survivors.