Gifts, Not Just for Christmas

Last month, we saw the small gift exemption in use. It’s discussed most at Christmastime, as that’s when folk tend to give several gifts of modest value. Remember the  limit  – £250 to each person each year.

Knew Talent As She Saw It
My aunt Sally – my auntie is called Sally. Stop sniggering. Auntie Sally’s neighbour, Janice at 25 is a prodigious talent. Janice teaches English at her local secondary school, and is a master of the piano. My aunt thinks Janice’s DX7 is rather a mockery of her skill. Long story short, Janice bought Sally’s Steinway piano at a discount of £6,000.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Gifts: Not Just For Christmas

Carry Forward
In inheritance tax terms, the discount is a gift. Sally used the exempted gift rule. By this rule, one may give away £3,000 worth of gifts each year. One may carry any unused annual exemption forward to the next year. Gifts made using the annual exemption do not count towards inheritance tax liabilities arising on the donor’s estate.

Mix & Match Not
Just a word of caution, one may not use the £3,000 rule and the £250 rule on the same person in the same year. That’s them rules. So, there we have it – a £6,000 gift towards a Steinway.