Will Writing

Cost of Writing a Will

Writing your will, doing your duty to your family is no mere tick-box exercise.
Writing your will, preserving the fruit of your life’s work for your family is a serious business.
Writing your will, doing your duty to your family calls for honesty, honesty in pricing.

To understand what writing your will is, to understand what planning your inheritance is, to be clear why you’re doing this.
The people I work with are serious about planning their inheritance, they are serious about preserving and enhancing the future financial and social status of their family till the end of time.
So, you might ask, how much is a will?

Will Writing Pricing
The cost of writing a will
No Conveyor Belt Operation

Making You Do the Work

Some practitioners display a schedule of services with the prices attached – in the manner of the menu in a café.
So, this café system prompts the question: how do you known which services you need?
So, this café system prompts the query: how do you know what services your situation demands?
This café system forces you to do the hard work of self-diagnosis, you know as I do there are few more dangerous and fruitless undertakings.
You’re looking to engage a professional – surely you should let them do all the hard work.

How Much to Write a Will: How Much Is a Car?

Honesty in Pricing of Wills

Many practitioners quote you a price for a simple will. The price would possibly be as low as £200, which is an attractively low price… then, they’ll describe the many wealth sapping flaws of the simple will, they’ll then further present the solution to the problems of the simple will, and they’ll list the other services you need.
Your £200 bill magically becomes £2,100 plus VAT.

If you point out the gap between the £200 at which you started, and the possibly £2,100 + VAT at which you’ve finally landed, the response would be something like: ‘well, I didn’t know what service you wanted, but the base price is £200’.

Remember I promised you a secret two paragraphs ago, here we are: no one could possibly make a profit writing wills at £200. They rely on other services to make the profit.

Wouldn’t you rather honesty in pricing?

Honesty in Pricing

Examination Before Diagnosis

If you went to the doctor, if you took your car to the garage, or if you went to the dentist, you couldn’t possibly ask for a diagnosis or even a prescription before they’d examined you, got all the information that was pertinent to your situation, before they’d even got to know the possible solution to your problem.
Think of me as your dentist, your mechanic or your doctor. If your doctor, or mechanic or dentist don’t know everything about you, about your situation, about your aspirations, they can’t help you.

Leo Tolstoy Was…

The opening line of Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina runs: ‘All happy families are alike, every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.’. But, at the risk of the ire of bibliophiles everywhere, all families, be they indescribably miserable or blissfully happy, are unique.

What You Get with Your Will

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • a full consultation
  • complete plan – crisp and clear in English not legalese
  • attestation – your documents are no good if they’re not signed
  • lasting powers of attorney – without these, I’ve seen elaborate and sophisticated plans come to nought
  • free updates – so, you will would always be up to date, because as you know, an out of date will is useless
  • free storage – what good’s a will that can’t be found

What’s the Price of a Will – Free Consultation

I wrote the book, no mere figure of speech, I wrote the book on writing your will and preserving your inheritance. I’m the expert on writing wills, you’re the expert on your family. I need to know everything about you, about your family, about your finances and your ambitions for the future financial and social wellbeing of your family.
I need to perform a full examination before I can provide a diagnosis or make any prescriptions. Therefore, I offer a free, no obligation consultation, and put my 30 years’ experience at your disposal.

I don’t run conveyor belt operation.
I don’t run a will factory.
I don’t use forms, template or cut and paste formulas.

I start every will with a blank sheet of paper. I respect your uniqueness; I respect your need your intelligence with honesty in pricing, therefore, I start with a free consultation.

Take the first step to protect the fruit of your life’s work, call to arrange your free, no obligation consultation.