Jan Jack

26 letters in the English alphabet. The number of words and phrases is infinite. If one weren’t learning English as a second – even third language, the merit of confining one’s self to familiar phrases and forms of words is invisible.

Walk away from shop-worn phrases, avoid clichés, side-step the predictable.
In the event you contemplate any manner of difficulty in speaking or writing with wit, elegance and grace, let my guest on this show be your guide.

To be certain, Jan Jack wouldn’t be my guest if she didn’t make it easy. She makes it painless. That’s almost a statement of redundancy.
The lady works with words. She makes people smile at those BDM. Those BDM, to be certain are celebrations, commemorations and carousals.

Jan works with words – mirth inducing words, smile conjuring phrases, and guffaw delivering sentences.

She writes for individuals, she performs comedy and she organises funny events.


  • What happens on holiday doesn’t always stay on holiday
  • Thus far and no further… kind of
  • Unreliable boyfriend
  • Emotional Squid
  • The joy of authorship
  • Not quite a doppelgänger
  • I’d like to banish
  • Keeping the gig evergreen
  • Originality, copyright and theft
  • The dream team
  • Gig etiquette
  • All things in moderation
  • Working with schools
  • Funny is…
  • Women in my life




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Jan Jack