Lasting Power of Attorney, why would I want one?

I get asked often: ‘why have a lasting power of attorney?’.

Can you tell the Future?

Do you know the future?
Are you sure you’ll not endure serious ill health? Do you know you’ll not be victim of a dreadful accident?
Do you know you’ll never lose the ability to make decisions for yourself?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, your grasp of reality is shaky. You’re not an adult. I’ve nothing to say to you. Shut down this page, turn off your computer and go make yourself a cup of tea – or even something stronger. But I wager you didn’t answer yes to any of them, therefore, read on.

We’d love to help, but without an LPA, our hands are tied.

Lasting Power of Attorney
You ne’er know when you’d need a helping hand

Hello, Meet Bonnie

Bonnie had a stroke; therefore she was in a coma for seven months. Her mobile phone company wouldn’t cancel her contract. She’s a hospital payment plan, but her relatives can’t make a claim on her behalf. Horror upon horrors, even her bank would not cancel her now redundant direct debits or manage her accounts at all.

Doing Things by The Book

By the letter of the law, these institutions are merely fulfilling their contractual and legal [even moral] obligations. They wouldn’t and shouldn’t be allowed allow third parties access their clients’ accounts without properly obtained and correctly documented permission.

They’ve all said ‘… if you had power of attorney, we’d be able to help you. But without an LPA, our hands are tied.’. The result, illness has made a mess of her finances.

You, The Adult

It could be I who was incapacitated. It could just easily have been you. You’re a responsible adult. You are responsible. Therefore, you’re aware of the inherent unpredictability of life.

In your travels, there’s someone – there are several people you’d trust to handle your affairs because you were unfortunately unable to manage your affairs yourself.

Do I need an LPA?

I imagine you’ll now answer in the affirmative. Therefore, I’ll gladly help you select the appropriate attorneys – I’ll help you prepare for the unexpected. Talk to me. Talking to us is free. Simply contact me for a no obligation chat about securing your family’s future with a lasting power of attorney.

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