Mel Smith


My thanks for this show to Karen Hancock and Celia Delaney. Special mention to the series sponsor, Ingrid Weel Media. Many know I collect tea towels. My guest today is a graphic designer some of whose work appears of several household items including, tea towels. Some of her inspiration comes from her travels round the world. I am delighted to introduce, Mel Smith.


My thanks for this show to Karen Hancock and Celia Delaney.
Special mention to the series sponsor, Ingrid Weel Media

Mel is on a mission to draw her way around the globe and bring her adventures back home! She creates fresh and upbeat illustrations inspired by her travels both near and far. Translated onto a variety of home-wares and accessories, these prints can help you to never forget that much-loved getaway. She also offers a bespoke service and work on commissions for clients to create something extra special and unique, just for them. She’s worked with hotel booking websites, a London theatre, and local businesses…and she has a whole bucket list of dream projects!

  • You need a support network
  • Sounds like an awards show
  • The boring bits lead to fun bits
  • The joy of collaboration
  • The beauty of happy accidents
  • It’s always worth starting
  • Need to set time aside for thinking

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