Melinda Fargo

Tiffany Kemp is NOT my guest today.

Our interest, my interest in Tiffany arises from her day job. Tiffany is a contracting expert. She says contracts can be fun. She says contracts are only dull boring documents if you make them so.

This I believe, contracts make the world go round.

Sooo, this brings me to today’s guest.

I had a particularly touching conversation with my her, and one of the several things on which we alighted was our contracts with our nearest and dearest. It was a pleasure to talk to Melinda Fargo.

that knock on the door – the memory she’d rather not have
getting on with it
youth, what is it for?
the responsibility of parenthood
biggest success? It was a failure
we sometimes need to be careful about whom we share our stories
our contracts with our nearest and dearest
the perfect as the enemy of the good
the futility of people-pleasing
In one particular strand, it was a delightful reprise of my conversation with Victoria Magnall – we talked about the representation of the people. My ire is stirred, but all to the good.



Tiffany Kemp

Victoria Magnall