Monthly Funeral Plan Payment

Q: Are monthly funeral plan payments possible?

A: There are several benefits to the prepaid funeral plan. Affordability is a key benefit: monthly funeral plan payments is a standard way of spreading the cost. A typical funeral plan costs between three and a half thousand pounds and four thousand pounds. Obviously, few people can write a cheque for three and a half thousand pounds, not in one go.

Because few can write a cheque for such a substantial sum, we achieve affordability on these plans by spreading the cost. The periods range from twelve months on the one hand to 10 years on the other. The instalments can therefore be as low as less than £7 per week.

Payment periods of up to two months bear no interest or additional charges.

Montly Funeral Plan Payment
Monthly Payments are a Feature of Funeral plans

Spreading the cost of a prepaid funeral plan isn’t its only feature of convenience. The application is simple. The application is straightforward. The funeral plan involves no medical checks or doctors’ reports. For less than a couple of pints of beer a week, you can guarantee the sort of send-off you’d want.

Most people start with a low monthly payment, but, they take advantage of the option to off chunks even the entire balance if they came into a lump sum, therefore, they aren’t financially stretched.

All told, the peace of mind provided by the pre-paid funeral plan is available to you and your family at instalments of less than seven pounds a month.