Could your will be overturned?

The Overturned Will

The 1980s

I did teenage things

I learned many things

I learnt many words

I learnt sophistry, misconstruction and paralogism

You know they are fancy words for lies, falsehoods and calumnies.

The Overturned Will In The News

You’ve heard the reports, you’ve seen the stories. They’ve been in the papers, they’re on the radio.

Your Will Can Be Overturned’, ‘Your Last Word & Testament Are Not Quite The Last Word’. And so on the headlines go.

To start at the end: if your will was written correctly, if your will was drafted properly, if your will was produced with you in mind there’d be almost no chance of a successful challenge.

A Great Freedom

A great virtue of life within these shores is our free press. They report the facts. They tell the stories. Our press does not tell likes. They summarize a case with a catchy headline, they print the facts. The pity is that the facts are often several paragraphs into the story. That the facts might be too delicate; too minute and too fine.

Too fine.

The facts are too fine to convey the essence of the matter. The detail. The devil.

You might be forgiven for thinking there was little point in writing a will: – ‘after reading all these reports, a will can be contested by anyone unhappy with the provisions of the document’.  Those cases grabbed the airwaves, they hogged the headlines. Folk posted comments on radio phone-ins, people raised their voices on social media.

Not so – the devil is in the detail.

Headlines are great – headlines catch the eye. Headlines aren’t the devil – the devil is in the detail. Most people – I am one such, most people can’t be bothered to read several paragraphs into a story to get the facts, to understand the fine points, hug the fine points and digest the details. Embrace the detail- the detail is in the devil. Who wants to embrace the devil?

A Will That Won’t be Overturned

You might, but you won’t. You won’t be forgiven there was little point in writing a will. If you care about who inherits your life’s work, there’s every sense in writing a will. Write a will – my grandmother always said: ‘if it’s worth doing at all, it’s worth doing well’. If you care about who inherits your stuff. You need a will. You should write a will. Your will should be written properly. If your will were written properly and correctly, no one would challenge it successfully. A will written correctly would stand up to any and every challenge.

In 26 years – only one of the wills I’ve written has been challenged. I proved the soundness of the will. The challenge was withdrawn. I batted the challenge away in half a day – no long tedious expensive court cases.

Your Will in The News

You recall those headlines; you remember where the detail is. Mr Clay, he murdered a rock, he wrestled an alligator. I, grappled with the devil, I mastered the detail. Those wills in the headlines [that were contested successfully] have one thing in common. They were written sloppily. The now deceased did [for whatever reason] not follow good advice. The documents were not suited to the circumstances of the deceased.

An Expert to Write Your Will

You. You care about who inherits your stuff. You care about your will being your last word. You want wishes to be honoured. You want an expert to write your will. You want me to write your will.

You want to talk to me. I know the ins and outs of wills and inheritance – in fact, what I don’t know…

I’ll make sure your will is iron clad. Starting with a blank sheet of paper, I’ll write your will to ensure your wishes are followed. I’ll create a comprehensive and legally binding will that states your wishes clearly. Your assets would continue to do good work long after you’re gone.

When you contact me [the consultation is free] I’ll show you the detail, I’ll prepare a will that’s suits your circumstances perfectly. I’ll write the will that’s perfect for you.

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