Wills For Blended Families

With a blended family, writing your will and planning your inheritance requires specialist estate planning skills.

You’ve come to the right place.

I’ll help you write your will easily, painlessly, with zero hassle.

Dividing Assets in Blended Families

You want to divide assets fairly among members of your family.

You want to be seen to be fair in distributing your estate among the family.
However, fairness, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

Depending on your familial and financial circumstances, dividing the estate equally among all the children might be fair… or not.

I’ve extensive experience of writing wills and designing trusts for blended families, wills for families with stepchildren, and wills for complex family situations.

I’ll help you write the perfect will.

Your Family Circumstances

Be you in a second (or subsequent marriage) or living with your partner, you want to be fair.

Whether you have stepchildren or children from a previous relationship, you want to avoid fights and arguments.

Whether you’re separated or getting divorced, you want your will to protect your assets for your family – you certainly don’t want your money going to your (soon to be) ex-spouse.

How I’ll Write Your Will

I start every will with a blank sheet of paper: tell me your wishes, and I write them in the proper legal fashion that’ll ensure your wishes would be carried out, and the chances of a successful challenge would be reduced to virtually zero.

I’ll also help you solve your inheritance tax problem – yes, despite what you might have heard, and what you might have read, every family has an inheritance tax problem.
I’ll help you understand the problem, and I’ll show you how to banish the horror of inheritance tax from your family forever.

Why You Should Write Your Will Now

The Work of an Expert

I’ll write your will by hand – you get a bespoke will.

I’ll start your will with a blank sheet of paper, no cut & paste, no kits, no templates.

With my experience I can see round corners, thus I can prevent problems before they arise.

Honesty of Pricing

The best is the cheapest.

No ‘bait & switch’ pricing, no loss-leader, pricing.

No bogus ‘special offers’.

I respect your intelligence, you and I will assess your needs, from there you get a fixed price that covers the work required.

In the Comfort of Your Home

Write your will easily in the comfort of your own home.

You have a choice of home visit or video consultation.

Full Money Back Guarantee 

Simple money-back guarantee 

You get a 365-day money-back-guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied with your will, I’ll return your money in full.

You’ve a whole year to ask for your money back. No questions asked.

Lisa Spiteri

Knowledgeable & Efficient

Maximum inheritance specialists made writing my will a very quick and easy experience. Ade is extremely and efficient. I highly recommend this service

Janis S

Time & Care to Explain all Options

Ade was professional, knowledgeable and thorough with time and care taken to explain all options available, specific to our circumstances. I would recommend his services to all those that need advice in this area. Apologies for the late review. Thanks

Wendy Haysman

Patient, Knowledgeable & Professional

As I have been going through s very stressful time with a parents lost will and didn’t have a clue what I could do, I rang several will specialists to no avail. Then bingo I rang Maximum Inheritance and spoke to Ade, a very patient and extremely knowledgeable professional man. .Ade had several very good suggestions and told me things that I was unaware of by the time I put the telephone down the stress I have felt for the past eight months had disappeared. thank you so much and I will be in touch to make my own will.

Jeannette Scola

Enormous Help During a Sad Time…

Ade at Maximum Inheritance has been an enormous help during an incredibly sad time for my mother. He has been professional in his dealings with us & considered my mother’s delicate state at the loss of her sister. He is completely trustworthy, keeping us appropriately informed of progress at the various stages. I highly recommend him.

Melinda Fargo

Helped Me Understand the Implications of my Decisions

A painless experience on what can be a difficult subject. I liked the clarity of thought which helped me understand clearly the implications in law of certain decisions. Moreover, though, Ade took the time to understand my values and overall wishes for my children when I die, which then informed the business end of the meeting. This is a quality I found lacking in other companies where I felt it was more of a conveyor belt experience. If you are putting off “putting your affairs in order,” you will wonder why you did after dealing with Maximum Inheritance Specialists. Thank you, again, Ade.