PrePaid Funeral Plans FAQ

Can you buy a funeral plan for someone else?

Yes you can.
You can buy a pre paid funeral plan for your mother, your father, your partner or any other loved one. As long as the person for whom you’re buying is at least 50 years old.

Which is Better

Can You Have Two Plans?

There is no point having more than one plan – not for yourself. Afterall, like me, you can only die once. However, you can buy one for someone else.PrePaid Funeral Plans

Are Prepaid Funeral Plans Transferable?

Yes, they are, you can transfer a plan to someone else, alternatively, you can buy a one for someone else.

Are Funeral Plans Worth It?

Funeral plans guarantee the dignity of the funeral you’d want for yourself. Funeral plans guard against the rising cost of funerals. Further, funeral plans prevent the indignity of your family having to pass the hat to pay for your funeral.

Can I pay for my Prepaid funeral plan by instalments?

You can pay for your plan in a lump sum or more conveniently by instalments. You may choose any payment period up to 10 years

What if I die before all my instalment payments have been made?

If you died before your last payment, your family or representatives should pay the balance of the plan price, then, the funeral director would be instructed.

How do I get a prepaid funeral plan

Simply on this link to get your plan. Alternatively, call 020 8669 1779 to discuss your options

What happens to the plan if I move house?

Your prepaid funeral plan would remain valid if you moved house, so, if you are in the United Kingdom.

Can I have a joint funeral plan

You can have an ‘either or’ plan. For example, Mr & Mrs Smith have an ‘either or’ plan – this means the plan covers either Mr or Mrs Smith. When the first person died, it would be used their funeral. The survivor would therefore need to make alternative arrangements for his or her funeral.

Why should I take out a funeral plan?

Of the several reasons to take out a funeral plan, the first is that your wishes would be followed. Secondly, your loved ones wouldn’t have to put their hands in their pockets to pay for your funeral. Finally, taking out a pre-paid funeral plan now freezes the costs thus protecting your loved ones from escalating costs in the future.

Do I need to take a medical?

No, unlike many insurance products, you don’t need an embarrassing medical test or even doctor’s reports.

Does my family get the money when I die?

When you died, the money in the plan would go to the funeral director. This would cover their costs and the allowance would be used towards any third-party fees.

What if I move abroad?

Funeral plans cannot be assigned to funeral directors overseas. So, unless the funeral is to be held in the UK, if you move abroad you should cancel your plan, therefore, receive a refund of the monies paid minus our standard £249 cancellation charge. Alternatively, you could transfer the benefit of the plan to a friend or relative.

Do the plans cover burial or just cremation?

Yes. In their basic format, Safe Hands Funeral Plans cover cremation only. However, apart from the Direct Cremation option, all can be tailored for burial, although you will need to purchase a burial plot directly from the cemetery in which you’re interested.

Will the Cost of My Funeral Increase?

A funeral plan is a means by which you can protect your loved ones against rising funeral costs and help eliminate any uncertainty or indecision about your funeral wishes.

How do Funeral Plans Work?

The money you pay is invested in a ring-fenced fund.
Through the investment of the trust fund, the monies grow in value over the course of your lifetime. On your death, monies (+CPI uplift as applicable) are then released from the trust fund and paid to a local, reputable, funeral director who then carries out the funeral following your instructions

What Happens to My Money if the Funeral Plan Company Goes Bust?

Because the trust fund is entirely independent of the funeral company, in the highly unlikely event the funeral plan company went into liquidation or cease trading for any reason, because the trust fund is not an asset of the company (and because the you and the other plan holders are the primary beneficiaries of the trust fund) the investments would remain secure and ring-fenced specifically for the purpose of providing the funeral they have bought and paid for.

What do Funeral Plans Cost?

Because funeral plans are bespoke, the cost depends on the sum of the elements you choose. Prices of funeral plans start at Less than £7 a week.

How many Funeral Plans Can I have?

As you and I would only die once, and would only have one funeral, you’d have only one funeral plan. However, you can buy a funeral plan for someone else. You can also have an ‘either or’ funeral plan.