Will Writing Purley

Writing a will, one of those things as responsible adults we know we should do. Somehow, many never get round to it. As adults, one of our responsibilities to our loved ones it to keep our affairs in order. A will is your opportunity to spell out whom you want to inherit your house and other assets. The alternative is intestacy – possibly the ugliest thing that could happen to one’s survivors and potential beneficiaries. Intestacy could give the tax man a whack at your estate.
As the most proficient, best regarded and most highly recommended will writer in Purley, I have the skill and experience to draught the best will for you.

Will Writing Purley
Will Writing Purley

The selection of executors and appointment of guardians as required would be done expertly. Those are details of technique. Many people focus on the document, but that would be to miss the point. The signed document, is important as it is, is secondary to the process. I’m well versed in the process. I’ll put my intimate familiarity of the process at your service.

It Starts With A Conversation

We talk of your life’s work, so we make no small plans. To prepare the perfect document for you, I’ll start with an open mind and a blank sheet of paper. I don’t use forms, I don’t use templates and I don’t cut and paste. You’ll tell me what you want to do, tell me whom you want to inherit your assets, tell me which of your belongings you’d want to go to which person. I shall ensure you wishes are carried out. I’ll put my name to it.

I offer a cost-effective, efficient and friendly will writing service. Our initial meeting would be free and would place you under no obligation. We shall discuss all aspects of your inheritance planning including avoiding inheritance tax [legally].

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