Rebecca Newenham

My guest on the podcast is Rebecca Newenham of Get Ahead VA

Rebecca’s husband welcomed me into their beautiful Guildford home in which the delightful office in the distinctive orange hue.
Hint, if you’re stuck for a gift for Rebecca, you could do worse than get her moleskin notebook bound in orange. Damn, I’ve given away my gift idea… I’ll just have to work harder at this gift giving business.

Like me, Rebecca is in the happiness business. A business owner has plenty to do, the list is endless. On those lists, there are some, nay, several things some folk may be unable or unwilling to do. Looking to do everything one’s self is a recipe for unhappiness.
Rebecca runs a team of more than thirty virtual assistants.
We’ll see how she’s the best friend many a business owner could have. Learn what the word ‘ivy’ means to her – I like ‘ivy’ as much as she does. And, we’ll see what three hours past noon does for her.

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