Redhill Will Writing Services

You want to engage the best will writer in Redhill. It’s the least your family deserves. Writing a will is the first step in securing your family’s future.

Your reading this shows you’ve failed to fall for one of the world’s greatest lies: that people don’t want to talk about wills because they don’t want to talk about death. It’s not that people don’t want to talk about death, adults are perfectly comfortable about the concept of their mortality. It’s children who don’t want to talk about death. Talking about will writing is acknowledging one’s responsibility to one’s family. It’s simply planning your inheritance.

Will Writing & Inheritance Planning

Inheritance planning is three things: getting the inheritance, keeping the bequests you’ve received as best you can and finally making a bequest of what you have to your own family. Some say you and I are merely stewards for the next generation. Writing your will is the foundation of the fulfilment of that responsibility to your family.

Redhill Will Writing
Redhill Will Writing

Inheritance Tax?

As a Redhill resident, you’ve benefited from the increase in property values. You have something in common with most of the people I meet – their home is the single most valuable thing they own. House prices have grown most in the south east of England, this has come with a sting in the tail, there’s a chance that your family home, your most tangible asset, the most visible proof of your hard work and good fortune could possibly be subject to the most hated of all taxes. Your house could be liable to inheritance tax. You might have heard of the business of the residential nil rate band. Where necessary, I’ll help you get past the multiplicity of overlapping often contradictory rules.

I’ll help you fulfil your obligation to your family which is to ensure your estate passes to your family with the minimum of fuss, hassle and expense.

The first step in fulfilment of this responsibility would be to have an appointment at which you and I would discuss which of your friends and relatives would enjoy your assets and under what conditions. At the end of that consultation, you’d decide how you wish to proceed.