Reduce inheritance tax – simple, straightforward, legal

In the London suburb, Walllington. By election, we labour to conserve endangered species. By election, we return a lib-dem to parliament.

We have another rare thing – fine civic architecture: the old town hall. It’s compact and Palladian. This elegant erection is the core of a complex of municipal buildings; it’s even got a car park.


I cycle lots. I drive little. I’m no cognoscenti of the car park. Nonetheless, this car park has a simple and elegant charging structure. The first 30 minutes are free. Then the charges clobber you. We talk here of the centre of town, so the parking attendants are hawk-eyed. No messing. This carpark charging structure is similar to the manner in which inheritance tax is levied. You are allowed a certain leeway, then the tax clobbers you. Hard. HMRC has unlimited money to chase you. No messing. With the HMRC, there’s no messing therefore we’ll do everything by the book.


How can I reduce Inheritance Tax?

I can help you do one thing. Increase the ‘leeway’ the authorities allow you before the charges come raining down on you. Before the July 2015 budget, you could reduce the amount of inheritance tax you paid in 96 different ways. The budget created even more such ways. There are more than 101 different allowances, deductions and exemptions. We’ll simply find them. Apply the ones relevant to you – discard the chaff. Remember we do everything by the book.


One Size Fits All?

Your circumstances dictate which of the several methods of reducing your family’s inheritance tax burden. You know one size does not fit all. Call me and I’ll apply tried and tested methods to reducing your bill. Sometimes I can reduce a family’s inheritance bill at the stroke of a pen. Sometimes it would take complex pulling and prodding. Contact me. Contact me and we’ll talk about putting as much as possible of your family’s wealth out of the scope of inheritance tax. By the book.

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