Reigate Will Writing

Writing a will is, as a Reigate resident, the first step in planning your inheritance. Your wealth, whether you earned it, married it or inherited it: you have a duty to your loved ones to control who inherits your estate.

Writing Your Will – You’re An Adult

The people I speak to have two things in common. They’re adults with dozens of characteristics and qualities but they share a couple of attributes. In asking 402 of them, with their different principles, personalities and prejudices what marked their coming of age, 385 of them gave the same answer. 94% of the respondents said they realised they’d become adults when they acknowledged their mortality.

You’re an adult, that’s why you’re interested in writing your will. Will writing is the first step in planning your inheritance. We talk of your life’s work here, so we make no small plans.

Reigate Will Writing Service
Reigate Will Writing

House Price Inflation

You’ve experienced steeply rising house prices – that can be a blessing and a curse. The curse of it is that a not inconsiderable part of your estate might be subject to the most hated tax in the land. Your estate might have a liability to inheritance tax. You might have heard of the residential nil rate band, I’ll show you in writing your will how to make the most of it as a Reigate resident.

It’s in your gift to dictate who gets the fruit of your life’s work, that’s why you want to talk to an expert. A consultation would last approximately forty-five minutes. The appointment would be just a chat – you tell me what you’d like to do, and I’ll show you how to achieve it.

In writing your will, we’ll start with a blank sheet of paper. No forms, no templates and certainly no cut and paste. We’ll write a will that’s perfect for you today and would also adapts to your life as it changes. I put my name to it.

Simply click the button to arrange a no obligation consultation so we may take the first step in securing the fruit of your life’s work