Rosalind Brookman

You know the saying ‘there’s a book in everyone’, well? I wouldn’t go that far.

My guest today, Rosalind Brookman believes everyone can write ? she’s one of those people who put their money where their mouth is.

Rosalind is a most delightful young lady with remarkable priorities.

I owe her cake? that’s a story for another day. I the meantime, let’s hear the lady say it.

3:20 Priorities

4:50 Location, location, location

7:35 The nuts and bolts

12:10 What have we done?

16:05 Mission

19:20 In truth one never grows up

22:50 Fun, and the flight of time

24:30 Priorities, sit up, this is serious

27:00 Retreats



My thanks to:

Karen Hancock

Jo Stewart

Celia Delany

Felicity Francis  and

Caroline Domanska.

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