Your Will & Conversion of Civil Partnership To Marriage

Same Sex Marriage

We call it by its true name same sex marriage.

I don’t gate crash – it’s so uncouth: but I love weddings. From this simplest of ceremonies to the grandest of balls – I’m there.

Some Old Something New

As the passing of the seasons makes things grow and casts aside things we don’t need – a marriage, often celebrated by a wedding, casts aside something old. An old will.

If a person writes a will, then gets married, the will is automatically revoked – when some gets married, he or she would need to write a new will. But wait…

Exceptions, Where would we be without them?

Just to make things more interesting, as with almost every rule, there’s an exception. If someone made a will before getting married, the will would remain valid if it was made with an eye on the impending nuptials.

From the point of view of wills and inheritance, civil partnership has been on the same footing as marriage.

From 10 December 2014, civil partnerships could be converted to marriage. Same sex marriage would be regarded as having begun the day the civil partnership [that was being converted] commenced.

To remedy this uncertainty, legislation is currently before Parliament that will provide that the conversion of a civil partnership into a marriage will not invalidate an earlier will made by a civil partner.

Personally, I wish we’d just call it same sex marriage. That, my friend, is a story for another day.  In the meantime, talk is cheap free: talk to me about your will – whatever your circumstances: married, single, to be married, once married, married till death did you part, I embrace all. Talk to me, it costs nothing.

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