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Inheritance Tax Changes

Many expect changes to inheritance rules. I fear their expectations would be disappointed. The sensible course would be to act on the rules as they are this day...

BTL & Inheritance Tax

Recognising the need to give away your BTL property while you still need the income so that you starat the seven-year clock on your gift as a potentially exempt (from inheritance tax) transfer. There's a way to do that.

Missing Assets

There's a simple way to ensure all assets in your name pass to your family... one must to one's best to avoid ademptioon.

Multi-Generational Inhertiance Tax Planning

By what ever circumstances, you come into an inheritance: before you take the cheque and run, your first thought should be ‘How do I save my family, several generations down the line, the burden of paying 40% tax on this gift for generations yet unborn?’

Homeownership & Care Fees

It would be illogical for many to give up their homes to pay for their care in old age... if only there was a way to avoid the evil of it...