The Lawyer… He was His Own Worst Client

You’ve heard of Jeanne Calment.

But out of context you’ve difficulty placing the name.

Here’s my favourite Jeanne Calment story.

Jeanne was born in Arles, France. In 1965, at age 90 and with no heirs, Calment sold her flat to a local lawyer André-François Raffray on the condition that Jeanne continued to life in the flat. Raffray, then 47, agreed to pay her 2,500 francs a month [£11,000 in today’s money] for the rest of her life.
The lawyer must have reasoned, ‘oh, at 90, the old lady’s living on borrowed time’.
If you didn’t recall the name Jeanne Calment, here it is: she went on to live till 122 years and 164 days [the oldest confirmed human lifespan].
After Raffray’s death from cancer at the age of 77, in 1995, his family continued the payments until Calment’s death.
She’s outlived the deal by 32 years.

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