The Representation of The People

Last month, I had to write about Christmas and the elections in Mexico.
I then promised a brief exposition on the general elections in Spain.

There was a certain urgency in writing about the Spanish plebiscite. I feared events might have overtaken me by the time I picked up my pencil to draft that which you now hold. (That’s one of several reasons this missive is not topical. Further, the pleasure of the writing calls for some lucubration.)

Cast your eye over the likeness above. It is of Spain’s Felip VI and his government. Observe the paucity of suits.
In the March 2018 issue, I observed that ‘muliebrity had a good run in Mr Zapatero’s cabinet’. In Spain’s current cabinet, of  18 seats, 11 – including the office of deputy prime minister – are held by women. As far as I’m aware, this is the first government with such a high proportion of women anywhere. Ever.

And this induces head-shaking why? That in 2018 this should be worthy of note. That’s the reason all fair-minded folk give two, not three cheers.