The Whole Lot Episode 9 Caroline Domanska

Caroline Domanska is the founder of Money Mindset Coaching, helping people to create healthy bank balances whilst living a life they love.

Having created financial freedom for herself and with over 20 years experience in the finance industry helping professionals, entrepreneurs and families get to be where they really want to be, she realised that the number one factor that created wealth was having a supportive mindset around money.

It was the missing piece of the jigsaw for her clients, who had tried many ways to “be better with money” but found themselves going round in the same old circles, with that nagging doubt that things just shouldn’t be this way.

Caroline has created a journey for her clients to follow with her support so that they feel confident not only in their day to day dealings with their money but also with creating wealth and removing blocks, niggles and money upsets that you may not even be aware are holding you back in all areas of your life.

Caroline helps you up level your income, upgrade your life and feel confident with money.




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