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To help you prevent the fruit of your life’s work disappearing like steam from a tea kettle, I’ll give you the latest information on all things related to planning your inheritance thus you’ll be certain your assets go to those you want.

This monthly newsletter is a light-hearted, even sometimes funny collection of anecdotes and the latest goings on in the world of inheritance planning and will writing.

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Of course, there are matters which at first blush lack a direct bearing on making the most of your life’s work, but I know these things. I can see round corners, and I can see unintended consequences of actions of individuals and the almost criminal incompetence of those who draught and implement our laws. So, with a lifetime’s experience, I can filter out the noise. I cut out the nonsense.

I was, I am and I’ll always be an inheritance planner and will writer. I’m no journalist, therefore I’ve no editor, proprietor or even search engine to worry about. I simply tell it like it is. With no journalist embellishment, I thus the freedom of having no advertisers to worry about.

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The Whole Lot

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