Tiffany Kemp

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And now, today’s guest. This is show number 62. But I mentioned the lady my guest today in the introduction to show number 20. My guest on that show talked about contracts. On this series it’s no end of fun to talk to people whose enterprises are out of the ordinary. A popular business speaker, who uses stories and analogies to bring the world of commercial contracts to life.

Quite independently, my guest and I had a fondness for motorcycles. I am 17 strains of delighted to introduce Tiffany Kemp.

Tiffany Kemp encourages business people to use contracting to create more profitable deals and deliver happy customers who will buy again. Her mission is to de-mystify contracts, putting them back in the hands of businesses. Tiffany is the author of ‘Deal Makers – how intelligent use of Contracts can help you sell more and deliver better’ and Essentials of Contract Drafting.
She’s a popular speaker and presents webinars for the International Association of Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM). Hundreds of commercial professionals have benefited from her stimulating and engaging workshops. Tiffany is a contributing editor of the IACCM’s Contract & Commercial Management – an operational guide and a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association of the UK and Ireland.

Tiffany is the most delightful of guests, we talk about loads of things including….

  • Looking forward to the big number
  • Consider the alternative
  • Risk as an essential component
  • Everyday adventure
  • An element of peril
  • Moving your safety net with you
  • If you never fall, off you’re not trying hard enough
  • They challenge the things we’ve merely accepted
  • The clients which one would not work