Victoria Magnall

This lady has a way with words, watch out for the phrase about beans on toast.
She’s employee number one, I get the sense should be lovely to work with, but also, she’ll be grand to meet in an informal context.
We talk about the frog-eyed sprite – I think… that is an Austin Healy. I’m a Mercedes-Benz 300 SL man myself. But I’ll happily be her passenger.

This I believe: there is a need for female role models. Men, boys, need female role models.

Wait? Why are we listening to me. I’m joined by…

We talk about about lots….

  • We agree boys need strong female role models
  • Being grounded by family
  • Being employee number one
  • The virtue of correctness, and the people she enjoys working with
  • We develop a new interview question for job applicants
  • The Team ‘M’ – I doubt you could join, but it sounds like fun
  • The most important thing in life
  • Who wants to be a domestic goddess
  • The indulgence of good company
  • Her ideal party guest
  • The joy of writing