Will Costs

What’s The Price of Writing a Will?

In the cooler months and weeks, I’m in a jacket, rather a violent shade of red. This jacket is custom made, so, when I engaged Tony Carr to run his tape measure over me, I knew it would cost me more than an off the peg number. It wasn’t so much that money was no object – but that the cash with which I parted would be money well spent, and it was. This garment fits me as you’d expect a glove to envelope your hand – perfectly. Well worth it. Which brings us to pricing of will writing , the price of estate planning and the cost of estate administration services.

As a will writer and inheritance planner of over 30 years, I know for want of a less hackney phrase, one size does not fit all. In will writing, one price does not suit all.
Therefore, I cut the coat of your will and inheritance planning to suit the shape of your requirements.

Will Writing Pricing
The cost of writing a will
No Conveyor Belt Operation

Not that my fees are high to the point of outrage- not at all, but you may be certain I run no conveyor-belt operation.

How Much Is a Will: How Much Is a Car?

Bait & Switch

On your behalf, I’m injured at the sight of such nonsense as ‘write your will for £100’, or any equally ridiculous sum, in short, than you’ll pay a plumber.

Our language is so deliciously rich – it abounds is colour, grace and wit as to have scant need to import American ways. Alas, I must pilfer a phrase from the children of Washington and Lincoln, I must pillage ‘bait and switch’. Any operation pricing will writing at any ridiculous sum or even a set fee is ‘baiting’, with an eye to the switch.

Like My Red Jacket, Money Well Spent

The device on which you read this page, which you’ll likely replace in two years cost at least five hundred pounds: put another way, you know how much your phone costs. You know how much your tablet or laptop cost.

You don’t seriously expect to secure the fruit of your life’s work for less than the cost of your phone. Or do you?

The Horse After the Cart

If you took your car to the garage, you wouldn’t ask what it’d cost before they’d determined the ill. Or would you?
If you went to your GP, you’ll not request a prescription before they’d examined you. Or would you?

So you wouldn’t ask the pricing of a will writing or anything else before I’d had the opportunity to determine your requirements – would you?

In short, you’ll not put the horse after the cart.

Free Consultation

That’s why I offer a free, no obligation consultation at which you’ll tell me about you, and how you’d have your estate distributed.
You and I’d determine your objectives and I’ll tell you, based on thirty years’ experience, the best way to attain your objectives. It’s only therefrom I could state a price.

What You Get

Every client gets:

  • a full consultation
  • complete plan – crisp and clear in English not legalese
  • attestation – your documents are no good if they’re not signed
  • lasting powers of attorney – without these, I’ve seen elaborate and sophisticated plans come to nought
  • free updates – out of date wills are often worse than useless
  • free storage – what good’s a will that can’t be found

I don’t use a call centre or any lead farm.

You’ll not find me on any price comparison sites

I don’t participate in any free wills scheme they are borne of such great cynicism as to border on the fraudulent.

In sum, I won’t insult you by doing the bait and switch. The price of the service depends on you, that’s why I offer a free, no-obligation consultation.

Take the first step to protect the fruit of your life’s work, call to arrange your free, no obligation consultation.