Will Writing Sutton

Speaking of writing your will – in Sutton, or indeed anywhere else.
You’re a responsible, all-grown-up adult.
One of the markers of coming of age is understanding and accepting mortality, thus dealing with its financial consequences.

You know writing a will is one of those things you ought to get round to.
As a Sutton resident, like most of Surrey, we’ve seen house prices leap and bound.
And, they’re baring a huge economic disaster, likely to impersonate an antelope further.

You’ll see the importance of house price increases later.

But for now, writing your will is a necessary in keeping your money in your family. Writing your will is therefore a necessary task in avoiding inheritance tax.

Without a will, you’re leaving everything in the lap of the gods hands of the government. Without a will, you’ll be leaving everything in the hands of the Prince of Wales. Further down the page, you’ll see how this disastrous injustice would happen.

Writing Your Will

Without a will, you’re leaving everything in the lap of the gods hands of the government. Without a will, you’ll be leaving everything in the hands of the Prince of Wales. Further down the page, you’ll see how this disastrous injustice would happen.

Why Bother with a Will

If you haven’t written a will, the government has one for you.
Would you trust the government to handle your wealth?
The money they’ve taken from you, they waste – the rest, they steal. I’m not a betting man but I’d wager you’re not enthusiastic to give them more, you’re even less keen to give them your children’s birth right, your grandchildren’s inheritance.
What’s yours is yours, is your family’s – keep it so.

Will Writing Sutton

The Government has One for You

The government has a will for you – it’s a one size fits all job.
True, the government has a will for you – a will that takes no account of your family’s emotional and financial circumstances.
The government has a will for you – it’s designed to drain the fruit of your life’s work generation after generation from your family.

The Purpose of Intestacy Rules

The will the government has for you is the rules of intestacy. The rules of intestacy were designed with secondary purpose of charging every future generation of your family inheritance tax on the assets you own now.
The primary purpose of intestacy is to roll the dice, and then hand your wealth to relatives so distant that the last time you heard from them was when John Major was still in Downing Street, the rules of intestacy were dreamt up so the Prince of Wales could get his hand of the wealth of the likes of you and me – as if he hasn’t enough.

Caring for Young Ones

If you have young children in your care, do you care who would look after them if you died while they were still minor children? Your will is a device for spelling out who would look after them.

Your Family Assaulted Right & Left

The government has a will for you.
By the rules of intestacy, your spouse or partner might be obliged to sell the family home to meet claims on your estate.
But these rules could force your family to sell the family home to meet the inheritance tax due on your death.

If you think spouses are treated badly, wait till you see how the rules of intestacy treats people who’re not married to each other.

Why You Should Bother with a Will

Your will dictates the w, the w and the w.
Your will directs the who, the what and the when.
Your will dictates who gets what proportion of your wealth when.
Simply, your will helps answer the question: ‘How much of your wealth would you like to hand over to the government?’.

Write Your Will –Tell the Taxman go Whistle

Marta married her partner a short while back.
By hard work and a fair wind she’d accumulated and estate counted at three millions of pounds. 

Marta was aghast that intestacy would have meant her family would have had to find £556,000 to pay an inheritance bill.
And if she’d died before they got married the children would have got all her worldly goods (her partner whom she’d been since school would have been rendered homeless), but nonetheless be landed with a cool £1,000,000 bill.

Marta and her husband wrote their wills – to prevent the immediate plunder of the tax authorities and ground to dust the possible seeds of family discord.

But know our duty to our family extends far beyond a single generation.
Remember, your will is answer to the question: ‘How many times would you like your descendants to pay inheritance tax on the house in which you live today?’.

A Universal Problem

Inheritance tax is a universal problem.
Every family has an inheritance tax problem, but sometimes they don’t know it.
The inheritance tax regime is designed to deceive you into thinking that you don’t have a problem.
The inheritance tax system was conjured to fool you into not planning beyond the current generation.
Forget all you might have heard about thresholds and allowances – they are a short-term solution to a long-term problem, they presuppose your beneficiaries, especially your spouse would live forever.
We all know your beneficiaries would not live forever.
Only a child imagines immortality.
You’re an adult, and one of the marks of having left childish things behind is the acceptance of your mortality.

Your Will – Write it Down

You might have heard: ‘If you didn’t write it down, it didn’t happen’.
You know whom you want to inherit your money, your property and other assets, but if you don’t write it down (properly), there’s a chance it won’t happen.

About You
You obviously recognise your duty to your family, and you want to keep your money in your family forever. Not just for one generation or two.
Therefore, you want a skilled and experienced will draftsman to write your will.
There is a science and there is an art to writing your will properly.
I’ve mastered that art, and, I’ve tamed that science.
I recognise the fact that you are one of a kind, that you and your family are unique.
Therefore, I know one size doesn’t fit all, that’s why I start every will with a blank sheet of paper – I don’t use any forms, kits or templates.

Meanwhile to take this necessary step in keeping your wealth in your family, simply click on the button below to make your appointment to write your will inn Sutton.