Witnesses to a Will

A good proportion of the wills and other testamentary documents floating around are invalid for the want of a decent relationship with the number 2. One of the main perils of the DIY will and other forms of un advised inheritance planning is the tendency for it to fall foul of the requirement of the binary notation implied by the number of 2.

Witnesses & Attestation

A principal part of our responsibility in providing an estate planning service is not merely to provide the wills and other documents, but to guide you through the process of ensuring that your estate passes to those whom you intend with the minimum of fuss, hassle and expense. To this end, we place a great deal of emphasis on the attestation clause. Simply put, we see it as a an important part of our will writing service as ensuring that suitable people are selected as witnesses and  the correct information is recorded on the testamentary documents.

Witnesses to a will

This brings us to today’s indicator, the number 2.  For  a will to be valid, it requires the signatures [and some biographical detail] of two independent witnesses. For the want of 2 parties present when the documents are being signed, many families have paid so much more in inheritance tax than they ever might have. We would be happy to talk to you on a no obligation basis, simply contact us for advice on selecting witnesses for your will.

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