Capital Gains Tax Liability

Capital Gains Tax Liability

My mum gave me half her house ten years ago, and I moved in with my partner some eight years ago. My mum died at Christmas, I fear my mother’s gift might have been another expensive one of your experience – more in hope than expectation, is there a way round it?

Do We Pay Capital Gains Tax?

We moved from our family home recently on our retirement. Our daughter has agreed to buy it from us. Will we have to pay tax on the sale of this house even though we lived in it for 20 years?

Business Inheritance Tax

Zaha Hadid.I’ll lay you odds: a penny to a pound. You’d never heard of Dame Zaha Hadid. We’ll see how Dame Zaha’s estate illustrates the possibility of exemption from business inheritance tax.Before we move on, the reason you should take the mitigation of...

Inheritance Tax Changes

Many expect changes to inheritance rules. I fear their expectations would be disappointed. The sensible course would be to act on the rules as they are this day…