Estate Planning

Estate planning is an act of honesty.
Honesty of your ambitions for your family.

An estate planner has one job.
Helping you keep your money in your family, not merely for one generation or two, but forever.
Your estate planning service should keep your money in your family not just for ten, twenty or even thirty years but till the end of time.

Threats to Your Inheritance

  • Do you fear your wealth would be sacrificed at the altar of divorce settlements?
  • Do you fear the fruit of your life’s work would be gobbled up in future generations inheritance tax payments?
  • Do you fear creditors and bullies would bring often meritless financial claims against your beneficiaries?

These are some of the common threats to your estate. You can banish all these and several others with proper estate planning.

Effect of Inheritance Tax

If you imagined £250,000 – a sum just about enough to buy a Rolls Royce, if you gave that sum to your child, and it was passed down only 2 further generations, the cumulative effect off inheritance tax would have reduced £250,000, enough to buy a Rolls Royce to £54,000 enough to buy a Mini. Without estate planning, you’d have condemned your family to burn nearly £200,000 at the altar of inheritance tax. You need me not tell you about unfair taxation – what they don’t waste, they steal.

In the final analysis, which would you rather leave to your grandchildren and great grandchildren – the Rolls Royce or the Mini? Click here for a case study illustrating the effect of inheritance tax on the wealth of a single family over 30 years.

Not everyone wants to be or needs to be a multi-millionaire. However, it’s in your gift to provide the foundations for future generations of your family to lead comfortable lives based on professions and vocations they enjoy and are committed to – it’s in your gift to provide future generations the means to, quit the rat race, or better still, never to have entered the rat race – if they so wish.

Estate planning ensures your wealth remains in your family long after Gibraltar has crumbled.
Estate planning ensures your money remains in your family, that your family has the use and the benefit of your wealth till the end of the world.

Ignorance, T’is no Excuse

It’s a shame that you’ve not been informed of how to overcome the wicks and straws that can drain your family’s inheritance, but this is your opportunity to bulletproof your estate.

Doing nothing to protect your family’s inheritance is not a crime exactly, one can’t be sent to prison for it, but it’s a crying shame.

You’ve worked hard all your life, you’ve made sacrifices, some heroic, some spectacular, some unspeakable to better your family – you really haven’t done all that just to throw it away at the altar of inaction.

Your Family’s Future

In the final analysis, after all is said and done, the most fundamental, the most serious question that could come before your consideration is this: where, two, three and further generations from now would you like your family to be ranked socially, financially and even morally?

You know as well as I do that all that is good, morally, financially and socially in this country is so much easier achieved if one has had the benefit of inherited wealth which is often the key to an independent education.

  • Estate planning is more than saving tax even though saving tax is important.
  • Estate planning is more than writing a will even though writing a will is important.  
  • Estate planning is more than taking care of your spouse or partner on the one hand and your children on the other hand even though ensuring your assets go to your immediate family is important.

The Sum of the Parts

Estate planning is more than just the sum of the parts, it’s more than just a collection of tools such as trusts, wills, and powers of attorney of which you might have heard. Estate planning is more than the sum of its parts. With estate planning advice you’ll get an easy-to-follow plan that is tailored to your family and financial circumstances. The plan would ensure you retain control of who gets the fruit of your life’s work and under what circumstances.

Your Bespoke Plan

Because the plan would be especially for you, it would be no off-the-shelf job.

  • No Cut and paste
  • No forms
  • No kits
  • No templates

We would start planning your family’s estate planning with a blank sheet of paper.

Estate planning is thinking several generations into the future, ensuring that your estate, be it grand or modest – whether you’ve earned it, married it, or inherited it creates and even strengthens the financial and social standing of future generations of your family.

Estate Planning & You

You’ll be recognised by your family from the next generation onwards for providing the keys to freedom from the rat race, for freedom to allow them do fulfilling work, be it nursing, teaching, or social work because their material comforts have been taken care of.

Estate planning helps you fulfil that centuries old desire that our children, and every subsequent generation of our family would be better off than we are.

Remember, estate planning is an act of honesty, an act of ambition, an act of honesty of ambition, therefore, which would you hand to your grandchildren and great-grandchildren, a Rolls-Royce or a Mini?