Probate & Estate Administration

As you probably know, the longer it takes to administer an estate, the less the beneficiaries would get.


5 Familiar Probate Problems, Which Do You Wish To Overcome?

  • speed; accuracy, and effectiveness – ensuring the provisions of the will are carried out promptly and the beneficiaries secure the maximum value from the estate
  • using the law to your advantage so your family comes out ahead
  • ensuring the inheritance is preserved for future generations of the family
  • protecting the estate from hangers-on such as divorce claimants and other creditors
  • inheriting intelligently so current and future generations of the family don’t pay inheritance tax needlessly – minimising, even eliminating inheritance tax


Several times a month, we get telephone calls from people who’ve attempted DIY probate: they’ve recognised it was false economy – they’ve got things wrong. They wish they’d engaged us right at the start.


For something that could affect your family’s financial wellbeing for generations, you want to speak to an expert.


Our skills, training and experience make us ideal to handle the probate and estate administration of your loved one’s estate.


But there’s no will

We’re experienced in handling cases where the deceased person did not leave a valid will. We interpret the relevant laws so that your family gets the best possible outcome.

Applying for probate and administering the estate of the deceased: you don’t want to drag it out – you want it done quickly, effectively and efficiently.


We take out the hassle:

  • we save you time
  • we save you money
  • we save you tons of unnecessary work
  • you avoid costly errors
  • you get the maximum value from the estate 

You get

  • free initial no-obligation consultation in the comfort of your home
  • fixed fee service – so there are no nasty surprises
  • we keep you informed every step of the way
  • swift, accurate, knowledgeable resolution of the estate
  • more money to your family