They call it dormant assets. Let’s abridge a long tale: some thought it a fine notion to take your money if you’d left it untouched in a bank or building society account for fifteen years.

Worthy causes they say.

The cash ends up with the Big Lottery Fund. It’s been the law for more than a dozen winters.

That’s it.

Now there’s the caprice to expand the scheme to such assets as pension savings, bonds and insurance policies. They even want to take your cash. The cash in your bank accounts.

By this novel scheming, some Child Trust Funds and Children’s ISA would be deemed dormant by the fund-holder’s twenty-fifth birthday.

Indulge me.
Permit me.
Allow me to say things you’re too polite to think: this is nowt but state-sanctioned thievery. You’ve worked hard all your years, why should the state sequester the fruit of your life’s work?

Dormant Assets? They’re Yours

Some people don’t mind their assets being stolen by the state.

Those who aren’t can take easy, simple, painless steps to avoid their hard-earned cash being confiscated by the state, albeit for worthy causes.

Inheritance planning is about making sure the fruit of your life’s work goes to your nearest and dearest. You can, you should, and I’ll help you if you wish, keep your estate out of the hand of those who have no business sticking their oar in your business. That’s why I wrote the book Maximum Inheritance.

If you’d like a copy, maybe for a friend, simply boogie on down to

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