Pets in Wills

Pets in Wills

Many include provision for their animals in their wills. Many a film refers to this too….

Talk About Your Will

If you’re expecting an inheritance from your relatives, when do you plan to talk about them.

Does Divorce Invalidate Your Will?

On marriage. The wedding ceremony, grand or modest, marks the point in your relationship from which the best you can hope for is that one of you wakes up in the morning to find the other has died. So, would divorce invalidate your will?Afterall, the meaning, and...

Free Wills Month: There’s a Cost to Free

Free wills months… sensible idea?My car is due for service in about four hundred miles. As I work from home it would take me plenty weeks to drive those miles, no matter.  I’ll tell the garage owner that rather than pay her [a most personable lady runs the...

Missing Assets

There’s a simple way to ensure all assets in your name pass to your family… one must to one’s best to avoid ademptioon.

Digital Assets After Death

All the assets on your computers, your tablets, the stuff you put on the internet, you social media stuff – what would like to happen to them?

Homeownership & Care Costs

It would be illogical for many to give up their homes to pay for their care in old age… if only there was a way to avoid the evil of it…

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