Free wills months… sensible idea?
My car is due for service in about four hundred miles. As I work from home it would take me plenty weeks to drive those miles, no matter.  I’ll tell the garage owner that rather than pay her [a most personable lady runs the garage], I’d like to donate her fee to a charity of my choice. I’ll tell her of the warm glow of helping a worthwhile charity.

I need to replace my spectacles. I’m using my spare pair. I’ll tell the lovely Mrs Shah the same charity sob story.
If the owners of these businesses laughed in my face, they’d be justified.
So, what’s the logic of the free wills campaigns?

Free Wills Month
What you pay for is what you get

There’s a Cost to Free

Free wills month charities to admirable work.
Nonetheless, no reasonable person would concoct such a hair-brained scheme to at best support a charity. Some would say it’s trying to obtain goods and services without paying for them.

I’m at a loss as to why anyone thinks it’s reasonable to ask an estate planner to work for nothing but allow the client give what would have been the fee to charity.

As my mother always said: if something has value to you, someone, somewhere wants a consideration for it.
It’s only good manners. To think my work is worth nothing – that’s fair enough. I respect your right to your opinion, but to insult me by asking me to do it for you. That’s serious.
Support a charity if you must. Why ask me to work for nothing?
I’ll support a charity as I wish. But why should any third party dictate any of the terms of my support?

What is Free Wills Month: In the Event Something…

Back to my garage and optician, they do good work. I trust them: that’s why they have me for a repeat customer. I wouldn’t dream of it: but suppose somehow, I got the work done without paying them, in the event something went wrong, I wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. If the error were serious, resulting in an insurance claim, the respective insurers would be in their rights not to pay.

The reason? A simple one. Contract. No contract was formed. No money changed hands. I did not give the garage or opticians anything, therefore, I’ve no right to expect anything in return. Even less do I have a right to expect goods or services to the standard I would have ordinarily reasonably expected.
To get fancy: ‘there was never an intention to form a contract’. ‘Tis the law.

The reason you should shun free wills campaigns is that you’d be trusting someone with whom you do not have a contract to plan the conveyance of your life’s work to your family.
Your family would have no comeback.

Besides, by not paying the person you ask to do the job, you’re setting up a fight with human nature. What’s in it for them? You didn’t work for nothing, why should they? You’re telling them they’re work is of no worth.

Free Wills Month
Pay peanuts, get monkeys

Never Count the Cost of Joy

It was Easter weekend a few years past.
I went with my niece and nephew to Legoland in Windsor. I had no end of an enjoyable time. Seriously, the pleasure of their company was, is priceless. To put a cost on it would be cruelty.
But material pleasures must be paid for in pounds, shillings and pence.
A mirror will, costs less than a day out at amusement park with two kids.
Wait, you mean, you’d rather risk the financial future of future generations of your family for less than a day trip to theme park with couple of children?
In short, free wills are a false economy.

The only thing worse would be if your bank offered you a free will.

However, if you take your responsibility to your family with the seriousness it merits, contact me on 020 8669 1779 or fill the contact form below to arrange a no obligation chat.

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