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Inheritance Tax: Laugh at Suspicion

Inheritance Tax: Laugh at Suspicion

My know-it-all sister is not averse to the sale, but she says the sale must be at the full market value. Surely, my parents can sell their property to whomever they wish at whatever price they agree. Who’s right?

Tax System: The Table Shook

Tax System: The Table Shook

We were talking about making provision for her son with special needs, because as you know, beneficiaries with special needs are treated slightly less ungenerously by the tax system.

Pets in Wills

Pets in Wills

Many include provision for their animals in their wills. Many a film refers to this too….

Talk About Your Will

If you’re expecting an inheritance from your relatives, when do you plan to talk about them.

BTL & Inheritance Tax

Recognising the need to give away your BTL property while you still need the income so that you starat the seven-year clock on your gift as a potentially exempt (from inheritance tax) transfer. There’s a way to do that.

Adoption Inheritance Rights

An adoptive child asks if they can make a claim on the estate of a birh parent. The answer’s relatively simple…

Inheritance in Blended Families

When folk with previous marriages come together, the question of who gets what need not be a problem. Simply speak to an expert….

Books & Publications

Maximum Inheritance

Especially with estate planning articles, life’s work is simple: to help you keep the fruit of your life’s work in your family forever. You’ve lots of estate planning articles in my book, Maximum Inheritance….

….is an easy-to-read collection of estate planning articles, of thumbnail sketches of cases – both those I’ve handled personally and those in the public domain.

Reading this book would put you in the driving seat in planning your inheritance. You would be well appraised of the points to be aware of and questions to ask when planning your inheritance


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