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With this 5-star will writing service, you’ll take the first step in planning your inheritance.
Your wealth, whether you earned it, married it or inherited it: your wealth, be it grand or modest, you have a duty to your family to control who inherits your estate. 

Your will is the foundation of your estate planning. 

You know the importance of writing your will. 


You’re an adult

Folks I meet have dozens of characteristics and qualities. In asking 402 of them, with their different personalities, prejudices and philosophies, what marked their coming of age, 378 remarked their coming of age was marked by the acknowledgement of their mortality.  
Reading this is an acknowledgement of all mortality.  
You want to prepare for the financial consequences of death. 

Most Self-Made Men Aren’t

Most so-called self-made men (they’re almost always men) aren’t. 

Jeff Bezos’s mother gave him the money to found Amazon. 

Richard Branson’s mum funded the establishment of Virgin – and she paid Richard’s fines to keep him out of prison. 

Most so-called self-made men benefited from inherited wealth. 

Often, they’ve benefited from several generations of inherited wealth, but they pretend we live in a meritocracy. They pretend they’ve achieved their wealth and status by their own hand. 

Your family Future & Their Jobs

Most of the top jobs are held by folk who went to independent school. 

Most actors, Olympic medallists, members of Parliament, business leaders and heads of quangos are beneficiaries of inherited wealth. 

To mention membership of the House of Lords would be tautological. That would be to state the obvious. It would be redundant. 

Your Will Isn’t a Tick-Box Exercise

Writing your will is no mere tick-box exercise, so you’re looking at a master will draughtsman to write it. 


You and I, we’ll keep the fruit of life’s work in your family; out of the hands of hangers-on, such as relatives of whom you last heard when Mrs Thatcher was in Downing Street. 

Bullet Proof Your Estate

We’ll bullet proof your estate, we’ll keep it out of the hands of people who have no business in your business, we’ll keep your money away from the people at HMRC, we’ll, keep it away from the Prince of Wales – yes intestate estates pass to HRH the Prince of Wales. 

Till the End of Time

We’d keep out those who have no business in your business, including the people at inland revenue and worst upon worst, the Prince of Wales – yes, intestate estates can pass to the Prince of Wales. 

We’ll keep your money, your property, your assets – including your business in your family – not just for one generation or two, but till the end of time. 

Inheritance Tax and Writing Your Will

How many times would you like your descendants to pay inheritance tax on the house in which you now live?’. 

Here’s a point of which so many of our fellow citizens are unaware, it is almost a secret – every family, no exception, every family has an inheritance tax problem. 

‘Two, three, and more generations hence, where would you like your family to be ranked financially and socially?’. 

You know as much as I do that all that is good financially, socially, culturally and even morally is much easier achieved if one has had the benefit of an independent education. 

Those who know these things – the headteachers, the bursars, and the school finance managers tell us most school fees are paid from inherited wealth. 

Two, three even more generations, where would you like your family be ranked socially, and financially – wouldn’t you rather keep your money in your family as a springboard for your family’s financial and social progress? Or would you rather hand the fruit of your life’s work to the government or worse to the crown? 

Your will, simply and easily.

Writing Your Will, What You Get

Advice for your situation

Your family and your financial situation are like no other, therefore your experience of a will writing service should be unique. 

With me, there are no templates and no cutting and pasting. 

I start your will writing service with a blank sheet of paper and commit myself to your goals.

In your free discovery call, we’ll discuss your aspirations for your estate and I outline how you could apply the exemption rules, allowances and principles of inheritance tax to meet your aspirations for your family’s future financial wellbeing by keeping your inheritance tax bill to as near zero as possible. And, I shall help you understand how the evil of inheritance tax turns a Rolls Royce to a Mini. 

A clear understanding of your options

Your discovery call on this will writing service will leave you with knowledge of the tools you can use to keep your assets in your family, so that you understand how you can: 

Use trusts – including life interests trusts, interest-in-possession and discretionary trusts – to keep your money and other assets in the family 

Transfer or give assets before your death to avoid tax (and know the benefits and potential pitfalls of doing this) 

Finalise a last will and testament that leaves no room for disputes or uncertainties. 


A will with honest pricing

I respect your intelligence, and once we have together assessed your needs, I will give you a fixed price that covers all the work needed to provide you the best will writing service possible. 

A 365-day money-back-guarantee

You get a 365-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with this will writing service, I’ll return your money in full. You’ve a whole year to ask for your money back. No questions asked. 

Unlimited free changes to your Will
Will Writing Service with Unlimited Changes

Yes, that’s standard at Maximum Inheritance Specialists, because situations and relationships change. It’s a fact of life. So, we’ll make changes to any wills we write as part of your inheritance tax planning free of charge. 

Your family’s financial future 

Your family’s financial future is important, so you owe it to them to treat this matter as if were serious. Those people who write wills for a hundred pounds, could not possibly have your family’s interests at heart. 

No one could make a profit writing wills as such ridiculously low rates – so, they must make their money somehow. You owe it to your family to avoid such firms. 


Write the Will Your Descendants Would Wish You Had 

Wouldn’t you rather preserve, and even enhance your family’s future financial and social status, the first step of which is keeping your money in your family – rather than sentencing each generation of your family to the curse of inheritance tax, more than enough money to send your entire family to an independent school, enough money to send the entire family to Eton, then Uxbridge, you want your will written by a master will draughtsman. 


The Perfect Will for You 

My will writing service is simple. 

I provide a free, no obligation consultation. 

At the consultation we’ll answer the foregoing questions. We’ll devise a plan – we’d not merely write your will, not just any will, but we’ll write the best possible will for you, so that starting today, we keep your wealth in your family. 


Will Writing FAQ 

Why write a Will?

Why Write a Will?
Your family, you owe them.
People I meet on my travels, even though they have dozens of dozens of personalities, prejudices and philosophies recognise that becoming an adult means acknowledging one’s mortality.

You’re an adult, you’ve acknowledged your mortality, therefore you seek to prepare for the financial consequences of your death. 
People who acknowledge their mortality, fulfil their responsibility to their family.
In the first, everything you have, all you have achieved, all you have done, be it mighty or modest, you didn’t do it alone, your family was behind
 you. You owe them.

Wouldn’t everything go to my next of kin?

Really, only if you spell it out with a will. And, who is your next of kin? 

What’s the big thing with intestacy?

Intestacy means you don’t have a say in who inherits your estate. Your family could pay more tax than is necessary. The administration of your estate could be clumsier, longer and more expensive.
Your estate could go to the crown and ultimately, your estate would by hidden ways and sly means, go to the government.

If I write a will, doesn’t that mean I might die soon?

Don’t make me laugh!

Can’t I write my will myself?

Let us recount the words of firefighter, Red Adair: ‘If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait till you hire an amateur’.
A do it yourself will writing service is an act of foolishness.
A DIY will is a betrayal of your duty to your family.

How do you write wills?

You get a will writing service in which I write every will by hand. I start every will with a blank sheet of paper so the document is bespoke to you, unique to your family, tailored to your finances – no forms, no kits, no templates. 


Saying ‘how much is a will?’ is as useful as saying ‘how much is a house?’.

Asking the cost of the  will writing service is a legitimate question, but at this stage it is far from the most important question.

It would be as if you wanted to build a house.
But rather than build a house that fulfilled your criteria, rather than build a house that did what you required of a house, rather than build a house in which you and your family would spend several years in happiness, you asked your project manager or architect or master builder: ‘how much is a house?’


As you read this far, you might have gathered that my mission is to preserve your wealth be it grand or modest, that my mission is to preserve your wealth that you have accumulated slowly and by sacrifice, that my mission is to preserve your wealth till the end of time.
A will, as well written as it could possibly be is just one of the tools for this process.

Saying ‘how much is a will?’ is as useful as saying ‘how much is a house?’.

The cost of your will would depend upon your circumstances – nonetheless if you are looking to get a will for less that you paid for the device on which you’re reading this, then, you’re not taking this matter seriously.


You may appoint anyone as the executor in your will.
You may appoint anyone of any age as an executor in your will. However, a person must be at least 18 years old to be issued the grant of probate by the courts.

While it is not compulsory to have professional executors handle your estate, be certain, not appointing professionals would be a case of penny wise and pound foolish.

Just like a sensible parent would give her or his child cash to pay for driving lessons. They know they’ll save money, reduce tension, and feel safer.

Wait, when you bought your house, did you appoint a professional conveyancer, or did you did you do the legal work relating to the purchase yourself?

When you appoint a professional executor in your will, the professional would focus on the action, going through the proper and correct procedures to carry out the testator’s wishes.
Most importantly a professional executor would help the beneficiaries keep the estate in the family till the end of time.
A professional executor ultimately saves time, saves money and can reduce family strife.

Other Things I Can Help You With

My Approach to Will Writing

You’ve seen several reviews and recommendations – they reflect the care, diligence and experience I invest in my clients.

Your family’s unique, therefore your will writing service should be unique, no off-the-peg nonsense.

You’re the expert on your family’s matters – every family is special in its own way, therefore I’ll bend my extensive experience to your situation. I can see round corners, so I can spot possible problems and prevent them before they germinate.

A proud sole-practitioner, I start every relationship with a blank sheet of paper. I write all my will documents by hand, no cut and paste. No forms, no tick-boxes, no templates. No cut-and-paste. I start every relationship with a blank sheet of paper.

Will Writing ServiceWill Writing Service
Based on 37 reviews
Paul West
Paul West
Ade guided myself and my partner through the Will making process and thanks to his help we both have the peace of mind of having a legally valid document in place. In addition, Ade provided a My things template for me to list, in once place, the whereabouts of documents relating to my assets and kindly sent another one with a box for storing the documents for my partner. He also regularly sends a newsletter with interesting and humourous articles.
Coco Shishi
Coco Shishi
It was so reassuring to find someone local that we could trust with our finances at such a crucial time. We found him thorough, knowledgeable, understanding, and kind. We have already recommended Ade to others.
hayley merrett
hayley merrett
Ade has been so helpful in sorting out our family’s wills. He’s very professional and friendly and has a lot of knowledge and advise to offer . I would highly recommend thank you 😊
Valerie Price
Valerie Price
Very professional and fast service whenever advice is sought. Thank you for all your help.
Jackie Shaw
Jackie Shaw
Having dealt with Ade at Maximum Inheritance Specialists previously when writing our wills we have now completed our Lasting Power of Attorney documents. Ade is a very honest knowledgeable and patient man and fully conversant in these fields. He made himself available to us even on a bank holiday weekend. We really appreciate the work he has done for us.
Philomena Mc Murrough
Philomena Mc Murrough
Ade was so informative, respectful and kind in his procedure. I highly recommend to anyone this service. I highly recommend and will continue to pass Ade's details on.
Bella Vick
Bella Vick
Ade was wonderful. Very diligent, empathetic, and communicative, and went above and beyond for us. He made what is a difficult/ emotional process as easy as possible. Highly recommend.
Hannah Lilley
Hannah Lilley
Ade was really knowledgeable and really helped me through the process. I would highly recommend.
Lisa Spiteri
Lisa Spiteri
Maximum inheritance specialists made writing my will a very quick and easy experience. Ade is extremely knowledgeable and efficient. I highly recommend this service


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