Will Writing Services

An abiding characteristic of adulthood is acknowledging our mortality: the manifestation of such acknowledgement is preparing for the financial consequences of our mortality. The act of writing a will is therefore a service, a debt, an obligation you owe your family.

Protecting my clients’ inheritance since before social media

Protecting Your Life’s Work

Need to protect your children by writing a will?
As a specialist will draughtsman, I’ll do all the work and make it quick, easy and painless.
You want a draughtsman of over 30 years’ experience, who can anticipate every eventuality and plan for changes in your circumstances: you want someone who can see round corners – this means your will would always be up to date.
You and I would ensure your children inherit your home, other assets and spell out how your children would be brought up. Because this is a bespoke service, this will writing service does all this and more.

Will Writing Service
Writing Your Will: A Service You Owe Your Kin

Writing Your Will

We start with a conversation and believe it or not, will be a pleasant one. So, this is your invitation to book your free consultation today.
Yes, it’s without cost, obligation or commitment.
The process is effortless and simple, just click here to arrange your free consultation and we’ll call to arrange a convenient time for a consultation.

Will Writing
Passing your assets to your relatives

Will Service for Parents

It’s true, the privileges of parenthood come with responsibilities. As a parent, if anything happened to you, you’d be glad you planned for:

  • Bringing up your children while respecting your beliefs and values;
  • the age you want them to come into their inheritance;
  • ensuring they got the inheritance;
  • in what proportions you’d want your children to inherit, and
  • selecting guardians, executors and trustees.

Take a deep breath and relax… we’ll help you find answers to these questions.

Your Family Structure

Irrespective of the structure and composition of your family, because this is a service is tailored to you, you’d be writing the will that’s perfect for you. Be you a nuclear family with 2.4 children, be you a single parent family or a blended family, writing a will with a bespoke service means you can tailor make your arrangements to suit your circumstances.

What You Should Expect

Firstly, you don’t need to prepare anything. I won’t send you off with charts and forms asking you to do homework! Inheritance and wills are an emotional matter therefore all the facts, the information you need are in your head heart.

I’ll do all the work. I’ll do the heavy lifting. You’ll in the comfort of your home, discuss your wishes and your personal and financial situation. The will writing consultation lasts 45 minutes. From then, I’ll draught the will that best accomplishes your wishes and objectives.

7 Reasons to Write Your Will Here

  • The service of writing your will starts with a blank sheet of paper and a fountain pen.
  • No forms, templates or checkboxes.
  • No corners are cut in the drafting of your documents.
  • Your will is prepared by a skilled draftsman of over 30 years’ experience.
  • Your will would always be perfect for you: because updates are free.
  • You and I would be confident your will would be perfect for you or your money back.
  • You have 365 days, a full year to ask for your money back if you’re not satisfied.

The Ideal Will Writing Service is Near You

You’d be confident whatever life throws at you; your will would never be out of date. Your free, no obligation will writing consultation is just a click or call to 020 8669 1779 away.