Will Writing Service

Writing a will is the first step in planning your inheritance. Your wealth, whether you earned it, married it or inherited it: you have a duty to your family to control who inherits your estate.

Your will is the foundation of your estate planning.
You know the importance of writing your will – it’s because self- made men aren’t.

Most Self-Made Men Aren’t

Most so-called self-made men (they’re almost always men) aren’t.
Jeff Bezos’s mother gave him the money to found Amazon.
Richard Branson’s mum funded the establishment of Virgin – and she paid Richard’s fines to keep him out of prison.

Most of the top jobs are held by folk who went to independent school.
Most actors, Olympic medallists, members of Parliament, business leaders and heads of quangos are beneficiaries of inherited wealth.
To mention membership of the House of Lords would be tautological. That would be to state the obvious. It would be redundant.

Most so-called self-made men benefited from inherited wealth.
Often, they’ve benefited from several generations of inherited wealth, but they pretend we live in a meritocracy. They pretend they’ve achieved their wealth and status by their own hand.
That’s why you want to write your will properly. That’s why you should use this proffesional will writing service is for you.

Your Will Isn’t a Tick-Box Exercise

Writing your will is no mere tick-box exercise, so you’re looking at a master will draughtsman to write it.

You and I, we’ll keep the fruit of life’s work in your family; out of the hands of hangers-on, such as relatives of whom you last heard when Mrs Thatcher was in Downing Street.

We’ll bullet proof your estate, we’ll keep it out of the hands of people who have no business in your business, we’ll keep your money away from the people at HMRC, we’ll, keep it away from the Prince of Wales – yes intestate estates pass to HRH the Prince of Wales.

We’d keep out those who have no business in your business, including the people at inland revenue and worst upon worst, the Prince of Wales – yes, intestate estates can pass to the Prince of Wales.

We’ll keep your money, your property, your assets – including your business in your family – not just for one generation or two, but till the end of time.

In planning your estate and writing your will, we’ll answer two fundamental questions.

Inheritance Tax and Writing Your Will

‘How many times would you like your descendants to pay inheritance tax on the house in which you now live?’.

Here’s a point of which so many of our fellow citizens are unaware, it is almost a secret – every family, no exception, every family has an inheritance tax problem.

And, the Second Question…

‘Two, three, and more generations hence, where would you like your family to be ranked financially and socially?’.

You know as much as I do that all that is good financially, socially, culturally and even morally is much easier achieved if one has had the benefit of an independent education.

Those who know these things – the headteachers, the bursars, and the school finance managers tell us most school fees are paid from inherited wealth.

The Service of Writing Your Will

Permit me one question.

Two, three even more generations, where would you like your family be ranked socially, and financially – wouldn’t you rather keep your money in your family as a springboard for your family’s financial and social progress?

Your Will, Simply, Easily

Writing Your Will, What You Get

My will writing service is simple.
I provide a free, no obligation consultation.
At the consultation we’ll answer the foregoing questions. We’ll devise a plan – we’d not merely write your will, but write the best possible will for you, so that starting today, we keep your wealth in your family.

Your family’s financial future is important, so you owe it to them to treat this matter as if were serious. Those people who write wills for a hundred pounds, could not possibly have your family’s interests at heart.
No one could make a profit writing wills as such ridiculously low rates – so, they must make their money somehow. You owe it to your family to avoid such firms.

Write the Will Your Descendants Would Wish You Had

Wouldn’t you rather preserve, and even enhance your family’s future financial and social status, the first step of which is keeping your money in your family – rather than sentencing each generation of your family to the curse of inheritance tax, more than enough money to send your entire family to an independent school, enough money to send the entire family to Eton, then Uxbridge, you want my will writing service.

If you’d rather your money in your family, click here to arrange your consultation. It’s without cost. It’s without obligation. As a Wallington will writer and estate planner, we hold appointments both virtually and in person.

No Salesman Will Call

PS: As they said in the best commercials: ‘No salesman will call’.
So, if you want to keep your money in your family forever, click here to make your appointment.