The Three Step Plan


Planning your inheritance is no simple undertaking.
It’s like building a house – you need a plan, if you don’t have a plan, the house will be ugly, the house would be less than pleasant to live in and, building the house would be more expensive than it ought.
And, if you don’t have a plan, the walls may fall over. That’s why I work to a plan, a three-step plan. The three-step plan.


Fixed Fee Advice
Step 1

A meeting lasting up to an hour and a half.

At this meeting, we would discuss all matters relevant to your objective, which after all is said and done, is keeping your money in your family.

Our discussion would include biographical matters, the people involved, their circumstances, their relationships with one another.

We’ll talk about the assets involved – how they came to be, when they were acquired etc.


We’ll talk about whom you wish to get what and under what circumstances.

We’ll discuss any ideas you might have considered regarding achieving your objective – every action has costs: we’ll weigh the costs against the benefits. We would naturally discard options in which the costs outrun the benefits.

We would talk about possible solutions. The point of the conversation would be to explore the obstacles to your objective and working out the most effective and efficient way to grind those obstacles to dust.


Importantly, we would ensure we were not setting traps for ourselves further down the line.


Step 2

We’ll go away to research the points we’ve discussed and further investigate any solutions that didn’t come up in the discussion. We would write a report that outlined the situation, and all possible solutions to your problem. The report would include recommendations. All the recommendations of the plan would be costed. We would send you the report a week ahead of the meeting in state 3.

Step 3

The third stage of the plan would be a second meeting at which we would discuss all aspects of the plan and plot the way forward. You would then decide on implementing the plan which would achieve your objective. Implementing the plan would secure your wealth for your family.

A Day's Work

This service, which costs is less than your phone, would explain the benefits as well as the potential tripwires, snares and snags of any and all options and set you on the course to keeping your inheritance in your family forever. With this service you’ll get options and a recommendation. This service would help you keep this estate in your family not just for one generation but till after the rocks of Gibraltar have crumbled, till the fires of the sun have been extinguished.

Safe as Houses

My estate planning foundation service comes with a 100% money back guarantee. When you read the report of your advice session, you’ll be confident you understand all your options: you’ll be confident you can lay the foundations for keeping your money in your family not just for one generation or two, but forever. All this in 2 painless consultations. I’ve done 1,251 of these fixed fee advice sessions, and I’ve ne’er had a single refund request. If you’re not satisfied, I wouldn’t feel right keeping your money, so I’ll simply return your money.
No questions asked.



How it Works

  • Simply book a time in the calendar 
  • Pay for the Three-Step Plan (the first consultation typically lasts about an hour and half)
  • At the consultation we’ll discuss all the points of your query and possible solutions.
  • After our discussion, I’ll send you a report with my recommendations – this would detail all your options with any associated costs.
  • Further consultations at which we would discuss the points of my report.


Why should I invest in The Three-Step Plan

For just £499, you get direct access to 30 years of estate planning and inheritance tax planning. In short, I know more about estate planning and inheritance tax planning than the Pope knows about the Bible. There’s almost nothing I’ve not seen in that time. I’m confident that with the Three-Step Plan, you and I can set your estate planning on the correct footing, and with my recommendations, you can keep your money in your family forever. This is not free legal advice.
If it’s free, is it worth having?

Do you offer support after the call?

After the first advice session, which last typically an hour and a half, I’ll send you a report of our conversation.
The report would detail the points of our conversation.
The report would describe all your options with any applicable costs.

We would set an appointment at which we would discuss the points of the report.


Here's The Deal

I’ll help you take your time to talk through the background of your case. I’ll help you frame your questions without prejudice.
And, I’ll then answer your questions and any follow-up questions that might arise therefrom.
We shall be talking about you and your specific circumstances – not some generic textbook scenario.

Can’t I Get the Free Stuff?

There’s plenty of free stuff out there. 
I provide a lot of it: there’s this website, there’s my blog, there’s my monthly newsletter which is not merely informative and educative, but also entertaining. I’ve even written a book, a paperback book on estate planning – a proper book none of that e-book nonsense. But there’s a reason these things are free – they aren’t related to you, they’re not specific to you, they’re not tailored to you. 
If you want information that’s specific to you, you need to ask questions that are specific to you. You’ll need to speak to an expert who’ll help you frame your questions.

What do I need to make the call a Success?

The more information you provide the better. You’ll get a Fixed Fee Advice session questionnaire, please fill it as best you can. The hour goes quickly, completing the questionnaire would help me prepare for the session so we use our time efficiently.

Why do I pay before the session?

Most people pay for what they get.  
In my experience 63% (I’ve done the arithmetic) of people pay for the benefit of my experience. You’re one of the 63%, but why should you pay for the 37% who want a freebie? Why should you pay for those who are acting in bad faith? Why should you pay for those who are, to all a spade a spade, stealing? 

What is the Refund or Cancellation policy?

If you find this a waste of time – ask for money back – no questions asked.

Based on 37 reviews
Paul West
Paul West
Ade guided myself and my partner through the Will making process and thanks to his help we both have the peace of mind of having a legally valid document in place. In addition, Ade provided a My things template for me to list, in once place, the whereabouts of documents relating to my assets and kindly sent another one with a box for storing the documents for my partner. He also regularly sends a newsletter with interesting and humourous articles.
Coco Shishi
Coco Shishi
It was so reassuring to find someone local that we could trust with our finances at such a crucial time. We found him thorough, knowledgeable, understanding, and kind. We have already recommended Ade to others.
hayley merrett
hayley merrett
Ade has been so helpful in sorting out our family’s wills. He’s very professional and friendly and has a lot of knowledge and advise to offer . I would highly recommend thank you 😊
Valerie Price
Valerie Price
Very professional and fast service whenever advice is sought. Thank you for all your help.
Jackie Shaw
Jackie Shaw
Having dealt with Ade at Maximum Inheritance Specialists previously when writing our wills we have now completed our Lasting Power of Attorney documents. Ade is a very honest knowledgeable and patient man and fully conversant in these fields. He made himself available to us even on a bank holiday weekend. We really appreciate the work he has done for us.
Philomena Mc Murrough
Philomena Mc Murrough
Ade was so informative, respectful and kind in his procedure. I highly recommend to anyone this service. I highly recommend and will continue to pass Ade's details on.
Bella Vick
Bella Vick
Ade was wonderful. Very diligent, empathetic, and communicative, and went above and beyond for us. He made what is a difficult/ emotional process as easy as possible. Highly recommend.
Hannah Lilley
Hannah Lilley
Ade was really knowledgeable and really helped me through the process. I would highly recommend.
Lisa Spiteri
Lisa Spiteri
Maximum inheritance specialists made writing my will a very quick and easy experience. Ade is extremely knowledgeable and efficient. I highly recommend this service