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At the heart of what I do is a simple idea.   
What I do is the who, the what and the when. 

Who inherits your assets,
what they inherit and,
when they inherit.

In sum, do you care? Do you care who inherits your wealth? 

Ade Oduyemi

Ade Oduyemi – My Story

Early in my career as an inheritance tax specialist, I met Alice.

Alice was a beneficiary, twice removed, of her grandmother’s estate. The old lady had left her sole property to Alice’s mother; the building had since passed to Alice. In a bad year – a year in which there were lots of costs, bills and charges – she got an income of £30,000 (£120,000 in today’s money).

Alice, because she’d had her basic needs met, because she didn’t have to worry about money, because she was financially secure, was able to do a job she found fulfilling and rewarding: teaching.

I couldn’t have written Alice’s grandmother’s will. I’m not that old. But it was here that I saw the effect of a properly planned estate. This was my inspiration to concentrate on estate planning to the exclusion of all else.

“Ade was professional, knowledgeable and thorough with time and care taken to explain all options available, specific to our circumstances. I would recommend his services to all those that need advice in this area.

Permit me paraphrase Malvolio: you might have been born rich, you might have worked hard and you might have been lucky, notwithstanding how you came about your wealth, do you care who inherits your assets, do you care what they get of the fruit of your life’s work and when they get it?

As an estate planner I help you articulate and exercise control of the who, the what and the when of your inheritance. 


I’ll explain, I’ll illustrate and I’ll spell out everything that could affect your inheritance. I’ll help you keep your money in your family forever. 

I’m the inheritance tax specialist. 

With my experience as an inheritance tax specialist, I can see round corners. I’ve seen all the ills that could injure your family’s future financial wellbeing. I can see round corners, I can see possible problems, I can grind them to dust before they germinate. 
I wrote the book on estate planning – it’s no mere figure of speech. I wrote the book. 


Ade Oduyemi

Why Work with Me?

You’ve seen several reviews and recommendations – they reflect the care, diligence and experience I invest in my clients.  

Your family’s unique, therefore your estate planning should be unique, no off-the-peg nonsense. 

You’re the expert on your family’s matters – every family is special in its own way, therefore I’ll bend my extensive experience to your situation. 
I can see round corners, so I can spot possible problems and prevent them before they germinate. 

A proud sole-practitioner, I start every relationship with a blank sheet of paper. I write all my planning documents by hand, no cut and paste. No forms, no tick-boxes, no templates. No cut-and-paste. 


Sleepwalking into IntestacY

I’ll explain the ills that could afflict inheritance of families like yours and mine. We’ll see the traps that can aid those who mean to steal your family’s wellbeing. You’ll decide if those ills are worth guarding against.

What Intestacy Rules Mean

Intestacy means minor children in your care could end up in the clutches of the local social services department. Estate planning prevents intestacy. 

Intestacy creates immediate uncertainty about who gets your estate and when. Uncertainty is the fount of all arguments, with the attendant familial ill will worsened by the expense of legal fees, costs and charges. Intestacy could lead to excessive, unnecessary inheritance tax payments.  
Intestacy treats unmarried partners harshly. Intestacy could hand the fruit of your life’s work to the crown. 

Intestacy Creates Certainty

It might take ten, thirty or more years, but intestacy means your family would pay inheritance tax.  

 Preventing intestacy is a necessary first step, but it’s not the full story. 

We Should Pay Our Taxes

One of our obligations as citizens of a democratic society is to pay our taxes. I doubt you or I would want to live in a land in which people didn’t pay their taxes. Nonetheless, as a layman, and as an inheritance tax specialist, I’m yet to see any sense in paying more than one’s fair share.

How Inheritance Tax Really Works

Many think they know how inheritance tax works. Worse, some might say they own too little to bother with inheritance tax. Expert inheritance tax planning is more than merely saving tax, it’s about your family’s welfare – it’s about your family’s financial future. 

Every family has an inheritance tax problem. 

Estate Planning Protects Your Family

If it’s worth doing at all… 

Those who write basic or mirror wills tend to treat will writing as a tick-box exercise. The protections of the basic will are bare because the estates, the family well-being, the future financial and social standing of the families to which they relate are susceptible to several threats. These threats include marriage (of the beneficiary), creditors, care costs, divorce and inheritance tax. No one wishes to have to apply for means-tested benefits, but that basic will could disqualify your beneficiaries from means-tested benefits. As an estate planner I’m experienced in identifying and vanquishing these threats. My life’s work is protecting your family’s financial future forever. 

I wrote the book . . . 

Drawing on my experience as an inheritance tax specialist, I wrote the book on making the most of your inheritance. Get your free paperback copy of Maximum Inheritance – an easy to read volume of anecdotes and thumbnail sketches of cases I’ve witnessed in my extensive career as an inheritance planner and will draughtsman. It would open your eyes to what to look out for when writing your will and planning your inheritance.

Maximum Inheritance - Inheritance Tax and Estate Planning Book

At the heart of what I do is a simple idea – as an inheritance tax specialist and estate planner I help families like yours and mine plan their inheritance – I prevent intestacy, and minimise even reduce inheritance tax, make sure their estate goes to the people they intend. My life’s work is helping middle income, middle asset families like yours and mine keep their wealth in the family till long after The Rockies have crumbled and Gibraltar had crumbled.. 


020 8669 1779

18, Salisbury House, 8 Melbourne Rd, Wallington SM6 8SA

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